Christmas Comes Too Early

Decorations are already up everywhere.

Caitlyn Perman, Staff Writer

Christmas is a beloved holiday for so many people across America, but how much is too much holiday spirit? Stores start putting out Christmas decorations as early as October, before Halloween begins.

My job, Starbucks, slowly starts creeping in boxes of Christmas themed drinks towards the middle of October,  and the slow agonizing thought of making Peppermint Mochas starts creeping over my mind. I recently went to Westroads Mall on Nov. 3rd, and to my horror the mall was already decorated with garland and Christmas trees. Already?! Halloween just happened. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. I thought to myself.  

Thanksgiving is a warm, cozy, family holiday. Why would you want to skip over decorations for that? All Christmas decorations do is stress you out about getting gifts. The only reason decorations are out so early is for stores to profit. Stores don’t care about holiday spirit, they care about money. Junior Megan Kallman is a current Target employee and knows the stress of putting out decorations.

“We put our tree displays and ornament section up towards the end of October, but we had the trees covered up with a black tarp until November 1st ,” Kallman said.

Target is already filled with Christmas related lines of clothing. Christmas lights have even been available to purchase since the beginning of October.

“I’ve only had a few guests come through and buy Christmas lights and ornaments prior to Halloween. They definitely buy more Christmas related items in early to mid November.”  Kallman said.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers say they will spend an average $967.13 this year on Christmas gifts. This has increased 3.4% from the previous year’s expected spending.

Government teacher Robert Marceau said “Christmas is one of America’s biggest economic profits. This is why stores put out decorations early, to encourage customers to start buying Christmas related things.”  

According to a study by, 83% of people say yes, Christmas does come too early. I think Christmas would be a lot more special, if stores waited to put out decorations towards the end of November, not in the middle of October. I don’t think stores should put out Christmas decorations before Halloween, which is unfortunately what happens.  

Thanksgiving should not be overlooked either, we should take the time to relax and enjoy November without the overwhelming thought of Christmas shopping.