Being “social”

Social distancing with how to practice it and why it’s important



Social distancing is highly recommended by medical experts. With big events cancel to avoid it’s vital to stay home so you can avoid the spread of this highly contagious diseases. Avoid handshakes, hugs and keep a physical distance from people.

Haden Batchelder, Staff Reporter

Schools, businesses and restaurants are shutting down due to COVID-19. The World Health Organization posted information to the national pandemic stating protective measures against the virus including social distancing. 

Social distancing is a health practice that prevents and reduces the spread of sickness, virus and disease. The United States Public Health officials are telling people to stay inside and only leave for essential needs. COVID-19 is easily spread through populated areas. Social distancing decreases the spread of this virus. Experts say their goal is to  “flatten the curve”.

IheartRadio had a concert on Fox TV that had singers perform songs in there living room. This encourages everyone to stay home to practice social distancing and had the chance to listen to their favorite performers. Elton John was the host of the Iheartradio concert.

According to Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert in an interview with WOWT 6 News “Staying home means lives saved. We know that now and I’m pleading with people that are visiting and shopping in these crowded stores to not do it. I’m pleading with the managers of the stores to please keep the crowds there and out,”

Essential services are open in the states such as gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, select take-out restaurants, banks and other government functions. They are closing convention halls, schools, hair and nail salons, public events, gyms and dines ins. As of April, “the total cases 213,144 of COVID-19  in America and 4,513 deaths according to the centers for disease control and preventions”. Social distancing is extremely important right now. 

 With the extra free time, celebrities are practicing social distancing and showing why people should practice it. They have been posting about what they are doing at their houses,  creating live-streams of them performing for people around the world, even showing they are spending time with their pets or maybe show a dance they just learned.

 Even Netflix, Disney Plus and other entertainment services are helping people to stay inside. Disney Plus released Frozen 2 early and Netflix released free documentaries for people to enjoy. Most streaming services are offering free trials due to the virus. 

Practice social distancing by face timing friends and playing games. Read the book you never got to read, watch some movies you never had time for and find a new hobby to try.  By doing social distancing you could end the spread of this virus and protect yourself and others.