New decade, new stars

A look into the upcoming baseball season



Many teams are hoping to start the decade off with success

Jaden Madden, Staff Reporter

Baseball returns on March 26th with a lot of exciting factors that should make this a historic season. Superstars joining new teams, huge contract extensions and the Astros cheating scandal have been the major headlines during the offseason. While those are very interesting topics, that only scratches the surface of what is to come over the course of the next seven months of action. Many teams early on will emerge as contenders for the World Series and fight for every game to make their dreams a reality.
The Major League Baseball season getting close to opening day

The biggest story over the course of the season will be the Astros. The Astros admitted to stealing signs from other teams, which included cameras in the outfield that recorded the teams to the players banging a trash can in the dugout to signal what pitch was coming. The worst offense was Jose Altuve’s wire that he wore under his jersey during the 2019 ALCS. The Astros are predicted to end the season with most hit batters as a result of the scandal. 


Mookie Betts and David Price being traded to the Dodgers in a three team deal that included the Red Sox and Twins was one of the biggest trades in history. Mookie Betts has been a consistent top five player in the game as with the bat he hits for average and power and can drive in runs at a high level while he plays elite defense in the outfield. David Price is a perfect middle of the rotation pitcher for this stacked Dodgers team. He’s not the Cy Young caliber pitcher he was a few years back, but he is more than capable of holding his own on the mound. Pairing these two up in LA with the likes of the reigning National League MVP Cody Bellinger and other all stars like Max Muncy and Justin Turner, don’t be surprised if we see this team in the World Series for the third time in four years. 


Many other stars have gone to other teams in pursuit of championships or money. Geritt Cole signed with the Yankees in a record breaking deal and Anthony Rendon joined the Angels to pair up with the best player in all of baseball, Mike Trout. The big question is whether or not these players will be able to get along and be able to play well together. I personally believe that these players won’t have a problem with their new teams and it will be a huge improvement for their roster.


The most exciting thing about this season is the emergence of young players and what they could bring to the table in the new decade and beyond. Ronald Acuna Jr. from the Atlanta Braves is a guy everyone should keep a close eye on to have a historic season. Acuna Jr. is looking to become the fifth player in history to have a 40-40 season, which he fell just short of last year. He is on the most exciting young team, the Atlanta Braves, who are trying to capture their third consecutive division title and get back into the playoffs. 


Fernando Tatis Jr. from the San Diego Padres is for lack of other words, electrifying. Tatis Jr. is gonna get a full season this year after having his year cut short last season, but in the short time he had with the team he made a huge impact. He showed he can hit for power as he hit 22 home runs in 84 games. He has also shown a lot of promise at the shortstop position and I’m looking forward to watching him play. 


Juan Soto from the Washington Nationals is the best young player out of anyone in the league. Soto is coming off an incredible performance in the 2019 World Series where he dominated the Astros elite pitching. Soto is great at every aspect of the game, he rarely strikes out, has insane power at the plate and plays a serviceable left field. Soto, in my opinion, is a dark horse to win the National league MVP because of all the skills he possesses. 


This season is going to be one for the ages. We have a plethora of teams with actual chances to go all the way which makes for must watch TV. This season also marks a new decade, where we will see the start of the new generation begin to rise into the superstars of tomorrow. Baseball is right around the corner and we as fans are waiting patiently to get our questions answered.