Unequal student sections

Why don’t other sports have the same hype?


photo credit Lauren Vanderholm

This is the Millard West student section at the first game of the season. Every year the stadium gets packed during the first game of the year where the students and staff wear all white.

Peyton Busteed, Staff Reporter

Millard West has a lot of different sporting events that students go and watch in their free time. The football team has one of the best student sections in Nebraska, which is a good thing, but some of the other sports that they offer do not get the same attention. 

During the 2019 football season, there was a poll on Twitter about who the Omaha area thought the most hype student section was. The choices were Westside, Millard West, Papio South and Central High School. West got second place by 1%. If they were to do a poll for one of your other sports such as wrestling they would not have the same results.

There are a lot of differences between the student sections for the different sports. As stated before the boy’s football games have the best attendance by students. The boys’ basketball games are a close second when it comes to the attendance of the students at the game. Girl’s basketball is a whole other story. 

The girls’ basketball teams are often forgotten about and have significantly less people that come to their games. They have a great record, but students still do not show up to as many of their games as they do the boys game.

Baseball and softball have varying amounts of people that show up to their games as well. Having been to a few softball games in the past I have learned that not a lot of students go to their games. The same applies to baseball. They barely have any students come to their games unless it is the state game in which many students will even miss school to go to the game.

As far as wrestling goes I haven’t even heard a single person say that they were going to go. Even if people do decide to go to the they rarely talk about it or post about it on social media.

We can also see a difference between the student sections based on what the students look like. At football games, students show up fully decked out in whatever the theme of the night is. They use paint, glitter and sometimes even props to carry out the theme of the night. This is not the same as when you walk into the gym for a basketball game or the stands during a baseball game. Most of the basketball games have a theme, but they are not carried out as crazily as a football game. Baseball games most of the time don’t even have a theme because not enough people go to the game.

In high school, sporting events can create memories that people will carry with them for a lifetime. The same goes for the players on the teams that feel excited and good about themselves when tons of students show up to support them. Some high school athletes don’t feel this way though because of unequal amounts of students that go to each sporting event. They put in the same hours, sometimes even more to better themselves at their sports. People should go and support them the same as well.