A new experience

Government class tries out the Google Expedition Glasses


By Brooke Brzezinski

Exploring the Washington Mall, Junior Brian Tran tries out the Google Expedition Glass. The glasses transfer students to places hundred and thousands of miles away from the safety of the library. “I do enjoy the class but I definitely think that this activity really helped a lot,” Christiansen said. “I like this activity and without it would have not been as fun to learn about.”

Brooke Brzezinski, Staff Reporter

On January 15th, 2020, social studies teacher Kristi Larson’s fourth block government class trie out the Google Expedition Glasses which give them away to explore in person what they are learning in class without even leaving school grounds.

The glasses have brought students a new view of the world from visiting the Washington Mall to French classes in Monaco. This experience help students be excited about their classes, no matter what age they may be. 

“It’s a way for teachers to take their students to places they physically can’t go, like today we have a social studies class who are visiting the Mall in Washington DC,” teacher librarian Mindy Jorgensen said. “They can see all the moment, so if you are talking about it in class, it’s pretty awesome to be able to take kids and show them and have it be more of a 3D experience and not just a picture. I think it just gives a little bit better perspective of what we are talking about.”

The glasses give teachers a new way to incorporate technology into their lessons. This new experience allows students to be able to see what they learn in their classes. A class set of these Expedition Glasses is cheaper than flying a bunch of students across the country. 

“I think it’s very important for the kids to see the things that we are talking about,” Larson said. “It’s a different way to learn because they get to see those things in real-time with real 3D pictures. I think that it is really important to use these technologies that the school has for us. It’s to help the kids learn.”

These activities get students out of the classroom and help motivate them to be better in their classes. A lot of students are visual learners so stepping into these pictures helps them understand the material better. 

“The activity helped us put into perspective what we have been learning.” junior Madeline Christiansen said. “We have been learning a lot about Congress and Capital Hill and where the Congress building is and what they do there. This just makes it easier to see where everything is and how everything is put together.”

The Google Expedition Glasses help students experience their classes in a different way. No matter what age they are they look around with wonder. Rather it is in history or science classes, students will be shocked by this new experience with being able to leave the classroom.