Say no to Keto

The new Ketogenic diet is not worth the hype it’s getting in the media

 The new keto diet also is known as the “Atkins diet on steroids” with low carbs ratio and high fats. The staple foods of keto can consist of fish, meats, eggs and green vegetables.

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The new keto diet also is known as the “Atkins diet on steroids” with low carbs ratio and high fats. The staple foods of keto can consist of fish, meats, eggs and green vegetables.

Haden Batchelder, Staff Reporter

From the baby food diet to juice fasting, fad diets have been trendy ways to lose weight with fast results. One that has been popular recently is the ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet.  

The ketogenic diet is a very low carb and high fats diet. The reduction of carbs puts the body in a metabolism state known as ketosis, this process will burn fat for energy at a much more efficient pace. This turns fat to ketones in the liver, which gives energy for the brain. With keto, the eater is reducing a large amount of carbohydrates intake and substituting with fats.

Due to this type of fast result dieting there comes lots of benefits and risks. This diet is not a long- term due to the lack of nutrients and vitamins. Most people that try this diet are trying to lose a significant amount of weight, have diabetes or have uncontrollable epilepsy. 

 According to The DO The keto diet: 5 fast facts, “Currently, there is no long-term data on the safety of the keto diet in adults. The keto diet may not be worth pursuing, even for diabetics or the obese, if we are mortgaging those diseases for higher rates of heart disease or colon cancer, a possibility given the low amounts of fiber consumed on these diets. More, we already know that the diet has not been without consequence for pediatric patients treated with it for refractory epilepsy, which has been ongoing since the 1920s.” nephrologist, Shivam Joshi said. 

This carb shock can have numerous negatives outcomes in the human body. Harvard Health Publishing states being on this diet can result in getting the Keto flu. The keto flu can have symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, bad breath, skin rashes, mood swings, foggy brain, diarrhea or constipation. This flu can last up to a week or longer due to the deficiency in carbs. This is not worth the risk to this flu for trying to lose weight there are lots of other options. 

Keto diet has also an inadequate amount of fruits and vegetables. The diet restricts bananas, oranges, grapes and watermelon. This means the person on this meal plan can be at risk for vitamin deficiency and a lack of fiber.

Recent research published by The Lancet Public Health, Dr. Janella Chin says that restricting carbs and replacing them with animal-based protein and fat could lead to a shorter lifespan.

The keto diet is associated with kidney issues.  Lots of studies have shown that it can cause an increase in kidney stones. Dehydration and frequent urination which leads to a loss in electrolytes. 

 The keto diet does have benefits such as better blood pressure and blood sugar and weight loss, but this is not a long-term diet.

According to The Do: The keto diet  states that  “The ketogenic diet has the potential to be a game-changer.”  “But a lot depends on whether its benefits pan out in large-scale trials and whether individuals can tolerate its dietary restrictions over the long haul. People struggling to lose weight for health reasons should keep it on their radar and stay tuned for more conclusive information.” 

Taking everything into account, this diet is not a long term diet, nor a diet that is not for everyone. I recommend that anyone who wants to start a diet should talk to a doctor. Find out what will work best for the person’s needs whether they are looking for weight loss or being more healthy. The keto diet needs more research and studies for who will benefit from this diet. For what I found so far diabetics, the obesity population, epilepsy and therapeutic for chronic diseases are the most suitable for the keto diet.