Netflix says many popular shows won’t return

Netflix has chosen to cancel over ten of it’s most popular shows and this has fans cancelling subscriptions.

Photo Courtesy of: TheStreet

Netflix has chosen to cancel over ten of it’s most popular shows and this has fans cancelling subscriptions.

Joseph Ebmeier, Staff Reporter

Netflix has been making fans livid over the cancellation of many of the companies most popular shows. As a result of this Netflix had many people cancel their subscriptions and quit watching Netflix all together.  The big question is why would they cut so many shows?

Primarily, Netflix is cancelling so many shows is because of the money. The longer a show goes on the more money that shows costs to make. This has been evident in the cost to make such popular shows such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones & The Punisher, which cost a combined $80 million. Netflix also lost $100 million when they purchased the right to produce the popular show Friends. It’s easy to say that these were some of Netflix’s pricier shows, so it’s obvious why they would be the first to go. Most of the shows on Netflix are becoming less popular as well, the shows “Nielsen Rating” is how many people watch that specific content. As shows go on longer the viewership tends to go down, which lowers the rating. This means that less people are watching the show which earns the company less money, from the shows they are paying big bucks to make. I believe that this is a very smart move by Netflix, they are trying to maximize their profit which is what every company is trying to do. Even though fans are mad they have to do what is best for their company and gives them the most money.

Another reason for cancelling shows is that Netflix wants to keep a variety of shows on their platform, this forces them to create new content to get new viewers and keep the old viewers watching their content. Instead of Netflix wasting their money making a show that doesn’t reach new people, they choose to invest their time and energy into a new show to establish a better audience and keep people watching their shows. I also think that this is a good move by Netflix, they want to hook new viewers and introducing new shows is a very good way to do it. I think that Netflix needs to do this to improve the growth of their company and if they have to cut some of the older shows to introduce new things and grow their business, people should respect that.

Netflix has more competition now than it ever has before. Netflix was one of the first companies in the TV streaming world and this caused it to be so popular.  However, today there are countless other streaming services that are competing with Netflix for viewers. As a result, Netflix has to keep new content coming out all the time so that it can keep it’s viewers engaged in their service. Netflix is making a smart move. They also have to create new shows to draw new viewers toward their program and away from the seemingly infinite number of other streaming services.

In total, Netflix has cancelled well over 10 shows in 2019 alone. This has many of the viewers outraged and while Netflix cancels shows, they cancel their subscriptions.  In America alone Netflix has lost well over 100,000 subscriptions which has caused the companies stock to drop by over 10 percent. Even though people are outraged, I believe that Netflix made the decisions that are best for them as a company. There will be haters no matter what and Netflix will have to deal with that. If it gets to be too much could they bring back some of the older shows, we’ll have to see.