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There are many benefits of AP classes such as getting a feel of college classes, developing good time management and structure, learning critical skills and real-world applications, and challenging students.

Navigating AP classes

Sophia Eljamal, Staff Reporter
February 22, 2024
AP Capstone

A new way to critically think

Leah Pickhinke, Staff Reporter
September 12, 2022
AP Seminar works especially hard throughout their semester to ensure that their AP Test, including a presentation and a written exam, goes well. With the completion of their presentation, they have their written AP exam left. “Our teacher taught us how to format and build our presentations, but in the actual process of researching and presenting, she couldnt help us very much at all,” Junior Elsa Covi said. “Our team multimedia presentations and individual multimedia presentations were part of the AP exams, so she wasnt allowed to give us many pointers and it was important to depend upon classmates.”

Presenting their skills

Brenna Batchelder, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Cartoonist
May 12, 2022
AP Capstone is a two-year program that consists of AP Seminar and AP Research. The classes focus on researching current issues and providing a logical solution which students present through a written report and oral defense. “When it comes to applying for colleges, AP Capstone students will signify their participation in the program by clicking a box on their Common App,” AP Capstone coordinator and AP Research teacher Kara Radtke said. “For comparison purposes, it is the same box students in the IB program get to click on their applications.”

Exploring AP Capstone

Kaden Roth, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief
September 3, 2021
This infographic depicts the requirements for the AP Capstone diploma and AP Seminar and Research certificate.

A more rigorous AP program

Jonathan Jimenez, Staff Reporter
September 2, 2020
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