Wildcats fall to the Badgers

The Boys Sophomore Reserve basketball team takes another loss

Isabella Nilsson, Staff Writer

On Feb. 7th, the Millard West Boys Reserve team went up against Bennington High School for one of their last games of the season. The Wildcats fell to the Badgers 52-68, making it six wins and eight losses for the Cats. 

The game began and the Badgers took control. They went head to head rushing down the court. The Badgers score the first two points of the game. Sophomore Caleb Lemon shot a three pointer for Millard West. The score, 6-8 Badgers half way through the first quarter.

The second half of the first quarter started off with the Badgers gaining two points. The Wildcats come back when sophomore Spencer Fortune shot for two more points, the score was 10-10. Sophomore Aidan Berggren went to the free throw line and missed both shots. There is 30 seconds left of the first quarter and the score is 12-12. Freshman Seth Wempen from the Badgers made both free throws after a foul was called. First quarter ends 14-14.

Photo taken by Ella Buroker.

The second quarter started and the Wildcats were pumped up and ready to win. Badgers started with the ball, but the Wildcats were quick to steal it back. Sophomore Ben Bizal made a free throw to bump up the Wildcat’s score to 15. Sophomore Tyler Craft shot and missed his free throw shots. With five minutes left the score is 16-22. Bizal was on fire as he shot a two three pointers this quarter. There is only four minutes until the first half is over when sophomore Ben Kelley made a free throw after a foul. A minute left and Fortune saves the ball from going out of bounce. The quarter ended with a score of 27-35. 

Badgers went into the second half with the lead. Six and a half minutes in and the score was 30-37. Sophomore Alex Hofts of the Badgers made his free throw. Bizal shot another three pointer. The Wildcats were falling behind, but they pulled themselves together. Craft stole the ball and the score is now 36-43. Badgers made three free throws. This quarter ends with a score of 38-51 Badgers.

The last quarter began and the Wildcats had to get fired up. Kelley took a charge called on sophomore Josh Coe of the Badgers. The score was 43-55. Freshman Austin Holtz of the Badgers missed both of his free throws. Bizal scored another three points. The quarter was half over the score is 49-50. Badgers missed two free throws and made one. Sophomore Ben VanRooyan was quick on his feet as he rushed down the court with the ball. Bennington shot and made two more free throws. With 15 seconds left, the score was 52- 68.