Letter of Intent Signing

Millard West students furthering their athletic and academic career

Jessica Burd, Staff Writer

Three times a year, seniors get the opportunity to alter the course of their academic and athletic future forever. Signing a letter of intent creates a mutual understanding among student athletes and colleges. It indicates a student athlete’s commitment to a specific college or university.

During 2016 – 2017 school year, over 30 Millard West student athletes signed letters of intent with colleges throughout the United States. Twenty-two student athletes, varying from golfers to wrestlers, signed letters of intent with colleges throughout the United States on Feb. 7, 2018.

Sports are a staple in the Wildcat world because of students’ school pride and determination. Football is no exception. In the fall, students cram into Buell Stadium and roar under bright lights. Through rain and shine, Wildcats show their school spirit by supporting the football team. Millard West football went 9 – 2 during the 2017 season. Eight senior football players signed letters of intent with colleges, including defensive end Connor Ekborg.

Ekborg has been an active member of Millard West football for four years and has been playing since for numerous years. He signed his letter of intent with Sioux Falls University; Ekborg faced multiple offers from colleges like Northwest Missouri State and Lindenwood University, but SFU stood out. His love for football is the primary reason for playing football in college.

“I can’t see myself not playing football,” Ekborg said. “I really liked the brotherhood SFU presented, and everyone was very welcoming.”

Ekborg chose to commit SFU because of the team brotherhood that the program offered. When he visited the South Dakota college, everyone was extremely welcoming with top notch facilities.

Junior Jackson Unger participates in football with Ekborg and wants to commit as well. He is very excited and proud to see his team mates further their academic and athletic career. Unger plays inside linebacker, but due to injury he was unable to play most of the season.

“I like seeing my teammates play football in college because I know how much work they put in to get that offer,” Unger said. “If I can stay healthy I plan on playing football in college at a school that fits me.”

Alongside the football players are the cheerleaders hyping up the crowd.  Millard West cheer goes year round and consists of tumbling, dance, props and energy. They have qualified for cheer nationals since 1998 and won ten times. During the 2017- 2018 season, Millard West finished their season with title of national champions.

Varsity cheerleader Cassidy Hyda has been cheering since freshman year and has loved it ever since. Hyda signed her letter of intent with Nebraska Wesleyan University because of her passion for the sport. Hyda is thrilled for what Wesleyan has to offer academically and athletically.

“I think cheering in college will help me get to know people before I step on campus and grow as a person.” Hyda said. “Signing was a little nerve racking at first, but I’m excited to continue my education there”.

Many colleges require student athlete commits to arrive for training during Mayor June. This bittersweet farewell will come soon, but all of the student athletes are excited to take their game to the next level.