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A new gen of superheroes

Spinoff of trending show “The Boys” released on Prime Video
Sam Blecha
Released in September of 2023, “Gen V” is a continuation of “The Boys” Amazon Prime TV show..

Released about a year after the third season of “The Boys,” “Gen V” reels back the audience for more action-packed superhero drama. “The Boys” is a TV series where a bunch of vigilantes work together to take down abysmal superheroes who abuse their powers. 

Released in September of 2023, Prime’s new show “Gen V” follows after the events of “The Boys” season three. The series follows young superheroes in college that were injected with a superhuman serum from their parents when they were a baby. 

(Warning: spoilers ahead)

The show starts with a girl at a young age and that girl is Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair). She isn’t feeling good and goes to her bathroom upstairs. Marie gets her first period and she then sees that she can control her own blood and that it is her superpower.

She starts to get really confused and her parents come to check on her to see if she is okay. Things escalate when she doesn’t know how to control her blood and then it forms into a sharp object and it kills both of her parents. I personally liked the way that this show started off because it showed that they aren’t holding back on anything and that it is going to be action packed throughout the whole show. Some may think this is too violent of a way to start the show, but I disagree.

Right after these events, the show fast forwards to eight years later when Marie is grown up. She has gotten accepted into the Godolkin University of Crime Fighting. This is a school that takes in students with superpowers and they help them control their powers. Marie meets her soon to be roommate Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway) and her superpower is that she can shrink to a really small size.

Later that same night, Marie is walking around campus and she sees a man running around being chased by security. The man running is Sam (Asa Germann) and Marie helps security catch him by trapping him so he has nowhere to go. 

The next day, Marie gets asked by a bunch of other students to go out with all them and hang out. The people that asked her to hang out were Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger), Cate (Maddie Phillips), Andre (Chance perdomo) and Jordan Li (Derek Luh/London Thor). Luke is the most popular superhero at Godolkin and Marie is really surprised when he asks her to go hang out with them. 

Marie’s goal at this University is to show her sister that she is a good person and that she isn’t evil. Her sister doesn’t like her and won’t talk to her because she saw Marie kill her parents. Because of all of this, Marie wants to stay out of trouble and drama at Gololkin so that she can see her sister again. 

But, her room mate Emma convinces her to go out with them because she said it will make her popular.  Marie ends up going out with them and something tragic happens at the party they went to. One of the students accidentally wounds a random student while trying to show off his powers to a girl. 

While this random student is dying, Marie comes in and uses her blood bending powers to heal the girl and puts all of her blood back inside of her. While she is doing this, everyone is filming her and she becomes popular quickly. This scene was so important to me because it showed that she was finally learning to use and control her powers. Marie doesn’t have a phone or social media so she didn’t even know she was becoming popular until Emma told her. 

The next day, Luke finds out that his brother Sam, isn’t actually dead, and he is just being experimented on somewhere below the school. This enrages him as he has thought his brother had been dead for years and years. He then goes to confront his mentor, Professor Brink (Clancy Brown), and when he doesn’t admit to having his brother, Luke kills him with his fire powers. Marie and Jordan Li see Luke kill him and they start to run.

Luke, not wanting anyone to know he killed Professor Brink, goes after Jordan  and Marie. As they are running, they go outside and everyone is gathered around and they all know what Luke did. His best friend Andre and his girlfriend Cate try to calm him down so he doesn’t do any more harm, but before they know it he flies into the air and blows himself up. Everyone is devastated as Luke was the most liked at school and the most popular. They are also shocked at why he did it and are wondering what made him go crazy. 

Now they are all tasked to figure out why Luke did all of this and the reasoning behind it all. They are also going to have to solve the mystery of Sam, Luke’s brother, and if he is actually dead or not. This all sets up the plot and the story line for the rest of the show.

I love the way that the show started because it gets you hooked on the story line and the characters right away. It also makes you question why certain things happened and the reasoning behind them. This is what personally got me hooked onto the show right away because if a show is very boring in the start, it is hard for me to continue watching it. 

Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into action packed superhero drama. What separates this show from other superhero movies and shows is that it shows the good AND the bad of superheroes. Most superhero films show only the good side of the superheroes and not what happens if they gain too much power. “Gen V” kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and the way they combine humor and seriousness is executed perfectly. I didn’t go into the show with much high hopes but I came out very surprised and it exceeded my expectations.

4.7 /5

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About the Contributor
Sam Blecha
Sam Blecha, Staff Reporter
Sam is a senior at Millard West and this is his first year on the CATalyst staff. He likes to spend his time hanging out with friends and family. Things he likes to do with his friends are watching and playing sports, like golf and basketball. A lot of his time is also spent working. He enjoys writing about sports events that have happened all over the world and reviewing new and upcoming movies in the movie industry.

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  • K

    Kathy BlechaDec 4, 2023 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the great review, definitely going to put this on my viewing list! Showing a “ complete” super hero is a novel idea.