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Turtles rule the theaters

New TNMT movie has been rolling into theaters nationwide since its release date
The new “Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles: mutant mayhem” movie helps bring the turtles’ lives straight to the hearts of the audience.

“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” was released on Aug. 2, 2023, and it had movie fans and TMNT fans ecstatic for another movie starring the turtles. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are known worldwide for all the shows they appeared in from the late 80s and the early 2000s to the movies they appear in today; the film was expected to make over 136.8 million. 

“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” had a cast full of many familiar faces with (Jakie Chan) Splinter, (Nicholas Cantu) Leonardo, (Brady Noon) Raphel, (Micah Abbey) Donatello, and (Shamon Brown jr) Michelangelo. The film was made by Point Grey Pictures and directed by Jeff Rowe who co-wrote the screenplay with Seth Rogen. Many fans were excited about this particular turtle film because the animation style is very similar to some of the other new animated movies that were released this year.

Warning: spoilers below:

The movie begins with the creator of the mutagen getting ready to turn a fly into a mutant. I really like this part of the movie because it sets up the villain of the movie and how the mutant gets into the sewers. The TCRI (a mutant creator lab) breaks into his lab kills him and destroys his lab, but the fly and the mutagen get away. After the movie cuts to a scene of Master Splinter (the turtle’s dad) finding the turtles in the mutagen. Master Splinter then goes on to raise the turtles up until they become teenagers and also trains them as Ninjas along the way.

The next scene shows the turtles going to get groceries and on their way back they go and see a movie. On their way out from the movie they see other teenagers have fun with their friends and the turtles feel sad and left out.

 In this scene, it really helps the audience emotionally connect to the turtles. I can say even I felt a little empathy for them because it would be hard to grow up in a world that despises you, but you want to be accepted so badly. The scene also shows that the turtles are very similar to humans in the mental and emotional aspects.

After, the turtles get back to the sewer and are just about to go back home and they see a girl (April) who is a high school journalist and kind of an outcast get her scooter stolen. Leo feels the need to go and get the bike back from the thieves. This part of the movie sets up the turtle’s relationship with April. The turtles then proceed to follow the thieves and find where they put April’s bike. The turtles then break into the thieves’ garage and get the bike back to April and she is very appreciative of the turtles, but she is also one of the few humans that aren’t scared of the turtles. She then goes on to talk to the turtles and interview them for a journalism story at her school and the turtles are very fascinated by the fact that April goes to high school.  

This scene shows how desperate the turtles are to have humans like them. This scene is the first time the turtles use their ninja skills and it really helps the audience know how each individual turtle has a different fight style and how they use their different weapons in combat.

The turtles and April meet up the next night and talk about what the turtles can do so that humans like them. April suggests that they could stop Superfly (Ice Cube) because he is terrorizing NYC. The turtles love this idea and April invites them into the school and she shows the turtles all her leads on Superfly. The turtles then go on a spree of following these leads and fighting anybody who stands in their way between them and Superfly. The turtles then get a lead about a gang boss who is supposed to meet Superfly somewhere in Long Island the next night and he is supposed to give him a part that will finish his “project.”

When the moon sets over NYC the turtles drive the truck with the part for Superflys project and go to the meet-up spot. Superfly and his gang roll up in their trucks, cars, and motorcycles. The turtles just suspect the Superfly is a human, but when he steps out of his truck they become shocked and realize he and his gang are all mutants. The turtles step out of the car and start talking to Superfly for a little bit. Superfly then suggests they go and hang out at a bowling alley. The turtles agree and follow Superfly and his boys. At the bowling alley, everybody has a fun time and enjoys themselves. Everybody leaves and the turtles tell Superfly that they will follow him with the part. At first, the turtles were just gonna drive away with it, but then Superfly tells one of his friends to ride with the turtles.

I really enjoyed the little twist in this scene because it is the first time that the turtles have met someone who is also a mutant. During the scene, I could also see that the turtles felt very close to some of the mutants in the Superfly gang and it was hard to see the turtles finally find other people to hang out with but they need to finish their mission of stopping Superfly.

As everybody begins to drive away, the turtles make a plan on how they will gain control of the car. Mikey gets Donnie’s stick and pushes the brake. Superfly friends fly out the front and the turtles start to drive away. Superfly then is able to catch up and make the turtles crash. He gets the part and is mad at the turtles because he thought they were going to be friends and he drives off with the part.

The turtles then limp back to the sewer and when they get back Master Splinter is very upset because they are hurt and they told him they are only to go and get groceries. The turtles then tell their dad about Superfly and his plan and how the turtles are trying to stop him. Their dad thinks about it and he tells the turtles they will all go and try and stop Superfly. The turtles use the intel they got from Superfly at the bowling alley and they find Superfly’s lair. They then infiltrate the liar and confront Superfly and his gang. Superfly tells everybody what his project is. His project is a machine that will turn every animal into a mutant and then they will destroy every human. Superfly’s gang then questions him and they start to move towards the turtle’s side because they don’t want to destroy the humans. He then gets mad and starts fighting everybody. Since it was like a 10 v 1 the turtles and Superflys gang are able to shut down the machine and Superfly falls into the ocean.

The gun and Superfly are in the ocean and a big wave emerges from where they fell in. Superfly emerges and rises up with all animals part of him and he becomes one big mutant. He then heads towards NYC. The turtles realize they must do something and that they need to stop Superfly. Before they leave for the city the turtles grab a can of anti-mutagin that Superfly left behind. The turtles are able to scale the buildings of NYC and find Superfly’s weakness, which is a big hole in his back. Leo hands Ralph a gun to put the anti-mutagen in and they are able to shoot Superfly and save NYC. The turtles, their dad, and the Superfly’s gang all return to the turtle’s sewer and that is where they all live now. The turtles then are able to attend High school with April. 

I really enjoyed this movie and I really like the animation of the movie along with the plot. I feel like the production team did a really good job of making sure that the story was easy to follow.


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