Winter orchestra concert

Brooke Sliva
Wenbo Jia performs with the Violon 1 group. (Brook)
Abigail Marshall playing her part in the Violin group 2. (Broo)
Samuel Zeleski conducts the orchestra show after spending 3 months working with the students. (Brooke )
Samantha Wells sits front row in her orchestra section. (Broo)
Jacob Thompson playing with his fellow Chello section. (Broo)
Penelope Steinle waits for Zeleski to give her the cue to begin playing.
Penelope Steinle performing in her group while Zeleski conducts. (Bro)
Hannah Heftie focuses her attention of her music sheet. (Brooke Sliva)
Ava Bashara sits with her group and waits for their cue to begin playing. (Brooke Sliva )
Nelson Brandt standing in the back of the orchestra with his fellow Bass player. (Brooke Sliva)