Putting the MW in MWC

Four wrestlers offseason work


Zac Dominguez

Senior Charlie Nosal poses with fellow mwc teammates. While celebrating a big tournament win.

Halle Opat, Photography Editor

MWC is a prominent wrestling club in Nebraska and has produced countless state champions and Division I wrestlers including one of the best wrestlers to come through Millard West Camdon Russell.  All five returning state qualifiers at Millard West have wrestled for MWC.

Four of the Millard West varsity wrestlers train at MWC during the high school offseason including senior Charlie Nosal, junior Jackson Jeanette, junior Avery Russel and sophomore Enrique Haynes. West also has one former MWC wrestler, sophomore Noah Blair.  They have all been big names on the Millard West wrestling team due to their high wining records and succession national tournaments from. 

“I’ve wrestled there for four years now, I’ve improved a lot because my freshman year I only had like two wins and last year I only had like two regular season losses and placed sixth at State,”Nosal said. “You can’t be hurt, you can’t be sick, you can’t take time off.. It’s a different mentality; it’s like you can feel like the top dog of your school, but once you get there you kind of hang under the radar because you have kids like Garrett Grice and nationally ranked kids that are going to be four time state champions.”

MWC has produced some of the biggest names in Nebraska wrestling and that is largely due to the level of the training and the atmosphere of the room that the club is famously known for in the wrestling world. 

“It’s hard working, fast paced; it’s very motivating,” Jeanette said. “It makes you want to do better. freshman year I went 16-18 then I started at MWC and sophomore year I went 27-7, so it helped me improve a lot.”

This motivation and improvement is seen not only by the wrestlers but has been evident to coaches as well. Their work in the offseason has improved and prepared them for high school wrestling season.

“MWC has helped tremendously over the last 10 years in giving kids a chance to compete against other high-level kids from different parts of the metro and state,” Millard West head wrestling coach Scott Townsley said. “Kids that train year-round are at a definite advantage to other kids that only work a few months out the year at the sport. We have great kids that work very hard to master their craft.”

Athletes at the club are all there for the same reason —  they have big goals for their wrestling careers. MWC is the place to get them there while surrounding themselves with others that share the same goal and passion for the sport. Training in such a hardworking and passionate atmosphere with the same ultimate goals as the people around them creates a brotherhood like no other between the athletes.

“MWC is a really good program and a really good atmosphere,” Blair said.“ We go really hard there. It has built friendships and made us more of brothers. It gives a stronger bond with them, and if one of us is struggling, we are always there for each other and looking out for each other.”

Last season these five held the best season records on the team and after a year of offseason training, they look to hit the mats and continue those records.