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Freshman Ellie Gorman rehearses with American Midwest Ballet for their production of The Nutcracker. Gorman has been dancing for a majority of her life but began dancing with AMB one year ago. Throughout that year she has improved greatly and learned new skills. “Dancing with AMB has taught me so much,” Gorman said. “The most important thing is patience. AMB helped me understand that I am not the only one performing so I have to wait patiently”

Nuts about ballet

December 13, 2019

Junior Kaitlin Keleher goes into an arabesque during one of her performances at Lauritzen Gardens last Sunday. She has been dancing for as long as she can remember and loves any opportunity to get out into the community. “Dance evolved from me being on the competition team, to me just learning to love to perform,” Keleher said. “I always hope I can give the audience a little bit of joy that day because life can’t be great all the time. Sometimes seeing a smile on a performer’s face just helps make your day.”

Evolution of dance

December 13, 2019

While working on the frame of the house, junior Elise Nyffeler poses for a photo. The Nyffelers finished building their tiny house in November of 2019, a project they started in the Spring of 2018. “My family and I have enjoyed hanging out together in our tiny house, and sitting down with friends and playing games inside,” Nyffeler said. “I am excited for future memories we will make in it.”

Home sweet tiny house

December 13, 2019

Sophomore Adison Mullenburg (top right) poses with other trapeze fliers with a bright smile. Being involved in physical activities such as fencing and trapeze has created an outlet for Mullenburg. “They’re both an escape for me, I don’t think about anything while flying,” Mullenburg said. “I think of nothing during fencing other than what my next move isx and how my opponent is moving.”

From flying to fighting

December 13, 2019

Pictured above is Madelynn Singh and her family bonding together.

The world in your hands

December 12, 2019

Photo of senior Owen Berreth holding the neck of his guitar							And the prototype for the guitar body working to make sure the final version is correct. “ We had to Make a prototype of the final body to make sure Everything was right because it's something that You only get one chance,” Berreth said. “And I can always use The prototype as just 
something cool to put on my wall once I’m done.”

Back to bassics

December 12, 2019

Olivia, Reilly and Nolan pose for their homecoming night picture

The Life of a Triplet

December 10, 2019

Pictured above is Vivien Gaines and her family, the day after they adopted Eddie and Lucy Gaines.

Finding a family

December 6, 2019

Sophomore Gaby Massey sketches away in her notebook working on her next piece in her lengthy career as an artist. Massey has been an artist for the majority of her life starting out at a young age. “When I first started out I drew more cartoonish drawings because I was little and those were all I watched,” Massey said. “Then as I got older, my drawings got more realistic.”

Line by line

December 5, 2019

In the Advanced Studio class, students are granted a number of freedoms. It allows student’s imagination to run wild and think and execute ideas normally not done in lower level art classes. Senior Aryan Naik has let his creativity shown by painting the back of his denim jacket with the famous painting The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. “This is by far the project I’m most excited for,” said Naik. “The freedom of this class has really allowed me to express myself fully in this class.”

Coordinating the craft

November 26, 2019

After creating the cake base for her cupcakes, senior Alissia Graybill must decide how she will choose to decorate. Here, she demonstrates her piping skills as she finishes her Chocolate Reeses cupcake with her decedent chocolate frosting. She then tops the cupcake with bits of the chocolate peanut butter candy.

Baking miracles

November 15, 2019

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