Twirling her way to the top

A sophomore’s journey through the world of Baton twirling


photo courtesy of Kendall Parker

With a beaming smile, sophomore Kendall Parker takes the floor as she performs with the Stepperettes. She has been with the Stepperettes for five years now, and to Parker, they’re like a second family to her. “We all loved to twirl to seasons of love because it reminded us of how closer wer all were to each other,” Parker said.

Alexis Bahensky, Staff Reporter

High school is a time where sports are a part of almost every students’ lives, whether it’s attending games or being a part of a team, however, one sport is always overlooked. Baton twirling. Even though most students don’t even know such a thing exists, this particular sport is something sophomore Kendall Parker couldn’t live without. 

Parker twirls for both the Sues Stepperettes, a member of team USA, as well as the Millard West team. She has been twirling since sixth grade when most students start when they’re around three. It wasn’t something she was intending to take part in, but with a little help from someone close to her, she was able to find her passion for twirling.

“My younger sister was the one who got me into the sport,” Parker said. “I was tired of dance and decided to give it a try since she has been doing it for three years before.”

Though Parker started a lot later than most, that didn’t keep her from moving up in the ranks. Only twirling for five years, she has been able to attend State each year that she has been twirling for the Sues Stepperettes. This year, however, is special since the Stepperettes were able to qualify for Worlds, which will be taking place in Holland.

“We were qualifying for Worlds, however, one of our teams wasn’t able to qualify,” Parker said. “But then the next day we performed for Pom and finally made it to Worlds.”

Parker and her team will be able to travel to Holland, as well as Prog, in the upcoming year. Though the agony of tryouts has ended, that doesn’t mean their work is over. Each and every practice now matters more than ever as they prepare for Worlds, and practicing for these girls are anything but relaxing. 

“Blood, sweat, and tears are poured into every practice,” Parker said. “You haven’t felt pain until you have broken a fingernail from a baton.”

Parker goes on to explain how intense and difficult the sport really is as you move to higher divisions.

“Overall, I really enjoy twirling and it’s a lot of fun for me and my teammates,” Parker said.”However, people don’t realize how much work we have to put in to get where we are today.”

Even if things don’t go according to plan in Holland, that won’t stop Parker and the Stepperettes from coming back next year and trying for that 1st place trophy from Worlds.