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Religion in public schools

The practice and celebration of faith in places of education
Pew Research Center
The most followed and celebrated religions worldwide are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

In the United States, Religion is a big part of people’s lives and is what most people base their lives around and how they view the world. Most countries around the world have a main religion in their country. Still, in the US there is no main religion, which can sometimes affect schools and the learning environment because of the different beliefs between people.

According to a survey run by the Pew Research Center in the 1990s, 90% of adults in the US said they were Christian. Christianity is the most celebrated and believed religion in the US. With Christianity being the most followed religion in the US, we can celebrate this religion in school along with other religions such as Islam, Judaism, etc. States have different second-most celebrated religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Baha’i. 

Being a Christian, I still believe that people should be able to celebrate their religious holidays in schools with other students, teachers and staff who also celebrate the same holidays. Celebrating religious holidays in schools would help people get to know other religions better and understand people who also celebrate the same holidays.

According to Grand Canyon University, exposing students to text from different religions can be helpful to students learning when shared in the context of the development and advancement of societies. Religious practices can be explored for historical contexts and further understanding of the development of such practices.

A religion class where students can learn all religions and better their understanding of why and how people study, follow, and live other religions. This would help people better understand other religions and know what other religions are about. It can also help people find their faith and start following a religion and devoting their life to someone more than themselves.

While people can learn about other religions on their phones with the quick tap of a finger, incorporating a religion class in schools would help tremendously with people finding their faith and understanding that they have a sense of purpose and are placed on this earth for more reasons than they think.

By involving religion in public schools, we can better understand why people live their lives the way they do and how they see the world around them. We can also help people find their way through high school by showing them they can lean on faith during hard and good times.

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