Debate prepares for Districts

Wildcats give their best at practice


photo by Saylor Masey

Debate students practicing after school in Room 104 to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Saylor Massey, Staff Reporter

Saturday, March 11th, the debate is going to Districts placed in Lincoln at Lincoln East High School. They will be going against all the schools in the district and state, and have been practicing for weeks with the best techniques to help them win.

Coach John Spady did whatever it took to get the competing students to get comfortable speaking out loud. During the practices he made all students put their chairs on their desks. They then put their computers on top of the chair and read the text on their computers out loud all at once. 

“Studies show that they can read better standing with the text right in front of them,” Spady said. “It will give them the posture and confidence to speak up during tournaments.”

Although their practices have been entertaining, they usually practice Mondays from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyone is very excited about this opportunity for the students. Spady made sure to remind all the students and get them excited. 

“I have made sure to induce all the students to join us at Districts,” Spady said. “They all have the opportunity to come and if they can we would love their help.”

The students are feeling prepared and excited for districts. Although they have a couple of weeks, they continue to show up to practice every Monday to ask questions and get more information about Districts.  Districts is a big important tournament that shows the improvement of the student. 

“I love attending practices because they fly by so fast,” sophomore Angelina Trinh said. “I feel more comfortable talking in front of an audience and more prepared for any debate tournament, although some students can’t attend Districts they still cheer us on.”

The debate will continue to practice as a team and develop more skills this week for this Saturday. We can all wish them luck or join them in Lincoln to support our Wildcats.