Wildcats vs Wildcats

Seniors go against each other for charity


Cameron McCubbins, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Oct. 27, at 6:30 p.m., two teams of seniors, Wildcat Green and Wildcat Black, went head to head in Wildcat 1 in a friendly game of volleyball to a crowd of students and staff.

The games would go 25 points in a single set, and would go for three sets. Black would go on to win the first set with a score of 25-15. The audience would increase to around 100 as the second set began. Green started the set with the lead, but would end up losing to black again with a score of 25-16. Green started with the lead again, but would lose to black again, score 25-17. But this was not for any competitive glory, this was just for fun, as well as to raise awareness money for a charity

“I played in the game to spread awareness and to also have fun with friends,” senior Tanner Wilbeck said. “I felt good knowing that the money was going to a charity, it actually helped me play better.”

The charity in question was Fur for the Heart, a DECA organized charity that hopes to help rectify students’ worries before they do a final test or presentation by letting them talk or pet a dog. They managed to raise $550 for the charity with the volleyball game alone.

“We partnered with a company called pups with a purpose, a non profit organization,”senior Sadie Kottich said.” then we had a meeting with the principals on Wednesday, to organize a meeting on Dec.16.”

They plan to bring the dogs in the week before finals on Dec. 16, the Friday during finals, sort of like a test drive of the system. 

“We did the walk on Sept. 25 at the Humane Society,” senior Julian King said. “We had an overall attendance of around 300-400 people, and we saw many dogs, the most common being labradors.”

With the rising talk of student mental health, this plan could be a great image for the school that could help us have more students signing up next year.