Learning the ropes

Construction Systems class goes to Equipment Rodeo


Photo taken by Trey Jochims

Trey Jochims, Staff Reporter

On Sept. 15,  Construction Systems class went to Valley for an Equipment Rodeo to learn more about the construction world. They were able to use different machines such as Excavators, skid-steers, etc.

Construction Systems is a class that allows students to see how tools and equipment are used. This building systems class went to The Valley Corporation to learn more about what students experience when they decide to continue their architectural journey. These students were able to try different activities to learn how to operate large ticket machines. These activities include a skid steer obstacle course, digger basketball, and splicing fiber optic cabling.

“My favorite activity at the Equipment Rodeo was doing excavator basketball,” sophomore Owen Russell said. “I thought it was really fun just because I was able to get into a pretty big machine and learn how to operate the whole thing. We had to figure out the controls and get a basketball that was standing on a construction cone and try to get the ball to the claw of the excavator, then move the claw over a trash can and try to get the basketball to roll into the trash can for a point. It was super fun. I enjoyed it a ton.”

All of the students that went to this Equipment Rodeo really enjoyed the activities. The students were there to have fun but also to learn more about the way things work and are used in the construction world. Junior Carmine Hirko believes that having the knowledge beforehand is pretty important to have in the construction world.

“Being able to come to this Equipment Rodeo was a really fun experience,” Hirko said. “I believe that having a little experience with the machines and the knowledge of being able to handle situations in construction is very important because that may help you get a better job and allow you to get a better paying job. This Equipment Rodeo really just allowed us to get a better understanding of what we may be doing if we choose to continue in construction.”

Even though Skilled and Technical Sciences teacher Charles Lambert knows a lot about the construction industry, he is always learning new things. Being able to go to the Equipment Rodeo allowed his mind to expand his knowledge while thinking he knew more than thought.

“I’m always learning,” Lambert said. “One thing is the need for individuals to get into the trades and the construction field, specifically in the underground construction areas.  And then to be able to talk to the people at Valley Corporation to find out what type of people they are looking for. Anything I can do to help a student find what it is that interests them in a potential career is always a focus of mine.”

Even though the Equipment Rodeo was short-lived, the fun and the learning experience will be shown in the classroom. The students learn a lot and will be able to use that knowledge while in the classroom for the rest of the 9 week term.