Spectacular helping hand

Student interns in tech office


Seth DeFreece

Senior Dillon Ceass spends the remainder of his time at Millard West interning in the tech office. His internship has let him gain experience that he will exploit in his college classes as well as future careers.

Seth DeFreece, Staff Reporter

With technology rapidly becoming an essential factor for completing everyday work. Schools across the globe have seemed to require technology in order to complete most assignments. senior Dillon Ceass, wished to become more attuned to the technology distributed at West. Hoping to assist people in class with computer/printer trouble, he decided to sign up to become an intern for the tech office. 

After students returned to classes post-COVID, school districts made it their mission to keep the students and staff as safe as possible, resulting in the avoidance of physical materials and hard copies, and introducing a much more consistent use of technology to complete assignments and collaborate with classmates. However, technology can sometimes be unreliable, as it depends on the WiFi as well as the equipment not breaking or experiencing issues. As Ceass has gained more and more experience he was able to resolve these problems rather quickly compared to when he first started. 

“I have been an intern for a few months now,” Ceass said. “There was a Zoom meeting in CCR and the last tech intern talked about what a great opportunity it is, so I decided to see what it was like. It has just been a great experience, even though it’s a lot of work, I still enjoy it. And I remember when I started training, things would take me two or three times as long to complete as they do now.” 

During training, Ceass met with technology facilitator Paul Zohlen, where he learned what his position had in store for him. From there he came into the tech office almost every day, before or after school, to practice on broken laptops and printers

“He actually learned the ropes surprisingly quickly,” Zohlen said. “I grabbed a computer that was broken or experiencing issues, then I sat him down and watched as he fixed it. If he got stuck he would refuse to give up no matter how challenging the situation, and that was what made me get a glimpse at the kind of determination and persistence he had.”

Zohlen has not been the only staff member in the tech office that has been impressed by Ceass’s work. Technology assistant Linda Deegan has also played a big role in Ceass’s internship. Always asking him if he needs any equipment or help with anything.

Dillon has done a great job with everything,” Deegan said “I tell him that whatever he needs, he just needs to let me know and I will gladly get it for him. He’s only the second intern we’ve had in the tech office, and I want him to have the best experience possible. I actually think that the internship is very beneficial because Dillon wants to do more things in college regarding technology, and getting an experience to see what that would be like wouldn’t hurt.”

Applying to become a tech intern will likely help Ceass in the future during his college career. Hoping to continue his work with technology, Ceass wishes to get into a college and receive some type of technology degree ranging from computer networking to technology management. His time spent interning is just a stepping stone and he’ll continue to build upon what he learned here at Millard West.