The whimsical world of Amelie

Millard Wests hosts first musical of the year


Edison Geiler

The cast of the musical preparing for their big show.

Natalie Eljamal, Online Editor

The Millard West Theatre Department is working on their first musical of the year, Amelie. The performance is about a girl with a weird childhood and a big imagination. She decides to start doing good deeds for people. She does this following the death of Lady Dianna, to follow in her footsteps. The show switches from whimsical to more serious scenes, in an attempt to connect to the audience. The department has been working on this play since July. 

Head of drama department Brooke Phillips, has been preparing to help this play turn into something unforgettable. With the help from costumes and set design, the play is going to capture many features from the original movie. In an attempt to mimic the original, the set is going to be a combination of red and green. Nick Shellhouse, a former student, came back to help with set crew to make the set transform into the 80’s in Paris, France. 

“Rehearsal takes up a lot of time but I honestly love it,” senior Hunter Amos said. “It’s really cool to see how the play starts out and then slowly becomes into something that is beautiful.”

The publicity crew helps out by making posters to advertise the play. They go around to different businesses in the community to hang up posters to get more attention. Getting people to come watch has many benefits, one being fundraising for the club and support for the department. 

“Musical productions take a lot of hard work and effort from the cast and crew,” sophomore Kaden Roth said. “It is fun to see our hard work as publicity crew to materialize into the final show.”

For choreography, instead of doing traditional big dance numbers, they are doing different devised movements in an effort to tell the full story and portray something different to give a quirky vibe. All of the crews put into this production are all ran by students. They are the ones that handle everything from tickets to costumes to set design. The hours put into this will all be shown in performance nights. 

“Being president, I help make sure everything stays in order and that it is not chaotic,” senior Dylan Anderson said. “I do what I’m supposed to do and be a leader in that way to show people what they should be doing.”

Tickets are now out for sale online at