Trash talk

Big changes coming for local trash companies in 2021


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Overflowing trash cans is one of many problems that the current companies neglect to change. With the FCC’s new plan hopefully overflowing cans along with all the other issues will go away.

Joseph Ebmeier, Staff Reporter

The constant overflowing, breaking and the late pickups by trash companies that should be doing their job to perfection is finally getting solved in 2021.

On Aug. 27, the Omaha City Council voted 4-3 along with the mayor Jean Stothert’s vote in favor of a new plan. The new trash company taking over will be the FCC Environmental of Spain, they provide sanitation services to all of Spain and many other European countries. The new deal will last for 10 years and cost $2.4 million per year for a total of $24.2 million.

Starting Jan. 1, 2021, residents will begin to set out two 96 gallon trash bins, one of the bins will be for basic trash along with yard waste to be picked up every week, the other bin will be strictly for recycling and will be picked up every other week. Families with five or more household members can apply for a third bin which the city will pay for. Citizens will also be able to apply for smaller bins if 96 gallons is to big for them or their family.

City Council members Aimee Melton and Ben Gray were pleased with how they thought the new deal was exactly what they were looking for. They believe that this new plan would solve many of the recurring problems that the current companies have such as breaking cans and being late on days of pickup.

In an interview by KETV news on Aug. 27, Melton said, “At this point in time, I think the mayor has delivered on what I asked for. I wanted covered carts, separate yard waste.”

Melton was looking for the carts to be covered and to have a bin that could hold all of his yard waste. With the FCC’s new carts, all of his wishes will be granted.

In the same story by KETV, Gray said, “I went with FCC, primarily because if there were some issues that came up, it was my feeling that perhaps, maybe they would be the best ones to handle it if there were some glitches and so forth.”

Gray was pleased with the plan the FCC brought forward. He felt like the FCC would be able to resolve any issues that came up in an efficient manner, something that the current trash companies seem to have a problem with.

Personally, I completely love this plan and feel like it was the change that the city of Omaha needed. There are a lot of issues and mishaps with the current trash companies. It’s no secret that they should try to do a better job, the cans always crack and they are constantly late on days of pickup. This is just unacceptable from such prominent companies, and they shouldn’t allow things like that to happen. I strongly feel that a change is needed, hopefully this new company can make the much needed changes and get the problem resolved.  The city of Omaha needed a change in the garbage disposal aspect of the city and hopefully the FCC can be the answer to all of Omaha’s problems. 

The FCC prides itself on sanitizing the 46 million people in Spain, so hopefully there isn’t any problems doing it for the 466 thousand people in Omaha. We will be able to judge their credibility in the future. Now we wait for salvation in 2021.