Going to the Future

This is the era of robots

Going to the Future

Dev Mehta, Podcast Editor

Fortnite Season 9 has started and as you expect there are big changes: a new map, new guns, new locations, challenges, slipstreams to travel around the map, and Fortnite Sky Platforms. There is a lot to take in so let’s what is this season has to give us.

Season 9 started on Thursday, May 9th. Currently, there are 10 weeks in this season with 10 weekly challenges unlocking in 64 days. And assuming there won’t be any delays and overtime then the Season will end on July 12th, 2019.

Battle Pass is going to cost the cheap price of 950 V-Bucks, that will unlock all of the season challenges. If you don’t have enough V-Bucks you can buy the basic small bundle that will cost $9.99 plus tax.

Season 9 battle pass includes two new progressive skins that are known as Rox and Sentinal. Rox has five stages that are unlocked at 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 XP and six different color options, while Sentinel has second style that unlocks at Battle Pass Tier 99.  

Vendetta is tier 100 skin, which it doesn’t deserve it at all. It is literally the worst skin in the whole battle pass even the stages that are unlocked at 20,000, 75,000, 150,000 and 250,000 XP and many more things to do that make it worse. The tier 99 skin the second stage of Sentinal is so much better than the Vendetta. The color options you get with it to doesn’t make it any better. This skin is just a man wearing a hoodie who gets a face mask at stage three then an iron body at stage four that is the only big changes, and then it is just you get new colors on the body. It is just a bad verison of the Omega skin from Seasons 4.

With this battle pass you also getting you also getting a new robot cat Kyo with a range of colors. But it doesn’t matter how much color ranges we can get this cat will still be horrendous and ugly.

The Map Upgrades are probably some of the best changes we had in awhile. Tilted Towers is gone and turned into a futuristic town called Neo Tilted. Retail Row turned into a Mega Mall from strings of shops. The volcano turns into Pressure Plant. Other changes on the map include a new Slipstream system giving a new way to move around the map via a corridor of air that loops the map. There are also Sky PLatforms around the maps you can use to get in the air.

Let’s take a look at it all in details.

Tilted was barely gone and now it is back with a futuristic redesign with new Slipstream airways. It still has a lot of height, but now it is more open with central plaza with ‘certain death’ written all over it. Neo Tilted is the new death zone on the map, every single try hard player will go there and most likely destroy you or get destroyed by others. This is the reason I never be able to land at Neo because death is for sure for me as soon as I land.

Retail Row has also got a future makeover and now turned into mega mall, a large flat area will create some confined fights to survive. The mall also provide some height to look around and look out in the vast terrain.  

The new Slipstreams could have a big impact on the game. They are a form of highway that lets you travel fast from one location to another, so now we don’t have to walk like peasant in the game all the time to get some place in the map. This could also potentially mean build battles will be reduced.

Let’s get into the new weapon that is introduced to us.

The new Combat Shotgun that holds 10 shells and fires nine pellets a round with base damage of 73 for Rare/ 77 for Epic/ 81 for Legendary variantes. The gun is decent like it is not the best gun, they vaulted the Pump for it which was the best Shotgun in the game.

Now I don’t why would epic vault the gun everyone loves. The Pump was one the favorite guns for the players to use, like everybody loved but epic couldn’t see the happiness of the players and they vaulted the gun. Epic could have just got rid of the Tactical Shotgun the gun no one likes. But slowly people will start liking the new gun, because it is just not shotgun is practically a sniper. This gun is capable of damaging the other players from 100 meters away with small damage of nine health, and if that’s not broken then we don’t what is. But in the end the gun is amazing and it is fun to use.

Overall, this season is gonna be a blast, players will have fun, people will die and they will rejoin the game to have more fun, but at the end the game will still be great and epic will still make a lot of money.