Fine Art Changes

The new schedules arise conflict among in the students in the department

Hillary Van Buren, Staff Writer

Recently there have been major changes to the Fine Arts Department. The directors noticed a few problems arising within the program. They realized that rehearsal time was not being used as effectively as is should have. There were also issues with the drama, marching band and show choir schedules.

Students were forced to leave in the middle of rehearsal to go to one of the other activities. This issue was affecting the quality of the programs so after many meetings it was decided that new schedules would be best for all the programs.

“The directors in the music department had a lot of meetings to talk about what was best for the department,” assistant principal Mark Hawkins said. “I would go and oversee all the meetings and I know that they put in a lot of time into this schedule change.”

There were many of complaints among the students in the Fine Arts Department about this decision. Part of the disappointment with the new idea is that some students who were in all three ensembles would have to drop one because they are now only allowed to be in two.

“I was a little shocked because that was one of the reasons I came to Millard West after going to Central Middle School,” junior Emily Sander said. “I knew coming here that I could do all three ensembles, so at the end of last year when they made the announcement I was shocked and definitely upset because I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

Although the students were angry about the decision, the teachers in the programs knew it is for the best. They wanted to create a new way that would improve the quality of all three. From previous years the directors noticed that the students who took part in orchestra, band and choir were not getting enough time to rehearse. This was because they would only get half the amount of time as the rest of the students who were in just one or two ensembles because they were having to leave class early to go to the other activities.

This was a red flag to them.

“I think that our orchestra is definitely stronger than we would have been this time last year,” Sander said. “I also think that our choir has a great new system working and I feel more comfortable in the classes because I feel like I am not missing as much.”

Drama, marching band and show choir rehearsals were having issues as well, which is why they decided to split the year into three different parts. Each part prioritized each activity depending on the season to enhance the quality of the rehearsals.

Drama was forced to cut one of their plays because they weren’t going to have enough time with the way the new schedules worked. The students involved in drama were not enthused with this because they were losing an opportunity to perform and do what they love.

“I mean I am obviously not happy about it because it is one less show” junior Brannon Evans said. “But I guess it is for a reason.”

Overall, the department quality will definitely continue to grow and flourish, but the students involved are still struggling to accept the changes within it. But, the students level of focus and level time commitment will increase because of the new changes.