The Parking Problem

Students that park in certain spots hinder those trying to leave


Cody Bennett

Students trying to leave are obstructed by a car leading up to 180th Street

Cody Bennett, Assisstant Striv Producer

As the bell rings at 3:15 on a Friday afternoon, students rush outside into the freezing cold and start their cars. Some lucky ones slip through the cracks of the maze of cars that try to leave as quick as possible. Others though, aren’t that lucky.

For those that get through the crowd of cars have a stress free ride out to Q or 180th street. On the contrary, those who are stuck on the opposite side of the school of where they parked, will make it nearly impossible to get out in five minutes or less.

Millard West students have the option to pay $40 to park on the lot of the school, they get access to easy and plentiful spots to park their cars and allowing a simple walk inside. For those who don’t pay the $40, have found many loopholes that do in fact, hinder the ability of others to get off the lot and home.

The ramp, leading up to 180th Street, students are somehow still allowed to park on the right sides of both sides of the elevated street. If one car does not move off the right side leading up to 180th, the entire line headed up is set back at least 10 minutes. Cars that are turning left and right are both in the same line when the ramp is designed to support a two way lane to turn on 180th.

That doesn’t even account for the traffic from parents heading out from Beadle Middle School down the street. Add that to the fact of clogged traffic and one way street ramp, the time to get out of West is going up to 15 minutes.

Students that park on the ramp or on the outside may counter that the “no parking” sign is not for the lower sections of the street. As well as an easy and quick way to get out after school.

Also, sophomores at the end of the year turn 16, allowing for them to obtain a “school permit.” A permit allowing the student to drive only to school and home, which, in turn, takes up more spots towards the end of the year.

To refrain from keeping students that work or pick up siblings around 3:30, the administration should put a “no parking” sign or rule to keep students from obstructing the two way ramp, allowing for easy navigation to turn left or right on one of Millard’s busiest streets, as well as let students to park around the loop outside of the property.

With these implications, the Millard West Administration can make parking, and leaving easier for students enrolled.