Artist Spotlight: Transviolet

A relatively unpopular band has been discovered

Artist Spotlight: Transviolet

Trevor Lueck, Staff Writer

“Making headlines just for kicks. Tryna get love not tryna get rich. We’re the new bohemia.” Transviolet’s sound resonates through the speaker. They sing of change for the better, a revolution. This is one of their messages. “New Bohemia” is one example of their message being spread in their music. Transviolet’s name was inspired by the poem When The Violets Roar At The Sun, by Charles Bukowski, and means “transcendence into a new, violet awareness.” They have released three studio albums, and numerous singles, all growing in popularity as time continues.

Transviolet is an alt-rock band which began producing music in 2015. Consisting of lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart and band members, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia. Their music follows the alternative style with the rock basis, but they seem to have changed it with their vocal style. McTaggart uses her soprano vocals to bring new sound to their music.

Oh, don’t you think too much. No, there’s nobody else and I’m still in love. But, ooh, I’ve got my mind made up. It’s who I gotta choose. Between you or a long shot” “Long Shot” brings a sadness to an unidentified choice between love and something. From her newest album, Valley, her lyrics are confusing because she states “it’s who I have to choose” meaning another person, but later states that there’s no one else and she is still in love with someone who called her a long shot. While no one is forsure her meanings, the singer could be choosing between a love and a career choice. Any way these lyrics are spun, this song keeps a mournful, heartbroken tone throughout. Ending the song before the final chorus with, “Is it too late to be calling you up? ‘Cause I’m afraid. What I gained. Don’t know where the love, we lost.”

From her first album named after themselves, Transviolet, “Girls Your Age” brings a sad view on love to this album. She sings “He tells me that I’m hot so I tell him that I love him. And he says, ‘Girls your age. Never mean what they say’ I’ve got a renegade heart. And it’s screaming his name. But then it beats like. You’ve got time to kill. Baby, don’t go jump the gun. Live fast while you’re young, honey. Don’t go chasing love, chasing love.” She sings of the culture of love. Someone thinks you’re attractive so you fall in love? No. People shouldn’t reduce themselves to settling for someone who thinks you’re attractive because you think that’s the best that can come their way. She wants people to wait for a love that has a deep meaning and chasing love will never get you anywhere. It’s a long game that takes time concluded with her last vocal, “don’t go chasing love.”

“Kaleidoscopes” begins with a soft beat and a beautiful soprano vocals by McTaggart who is accompanied later in the composition by Reo Cragun, his deeper tenor voice compliments hers very well. This song was released on her second studio album, Kaleidoscopes. A catchy beat picks up and the music captivates listeners. “Something in your eyes like kaleidoscopes, takes the saddest part and makes it beautiful.” The lyrics throughout, bring a melancholy sadness, which is healed by love. Although the singer is upset about life, almost sounding like depression, she finds peace and happiness in love. “Feels like all is lost, my world turns a dark grey, I’m probably gonna cry, your love makes it ok”

Transviolet has made strides towards fame with their most recent being performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Oct. 22, 2018. They have gained over half a million monthly listeners on their Spotify account. With this they have made plans to continue to produce many more albums which will gain popularity as their fan base grows. With their lyrical imagery and upbeat demeanor, they will go far and become a household name.