Lets (not) Get Rowdy

How much will the new Wildcat Crazy rules affect the student section



Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla, Staff Writer

The Crazies pump up the crowd and help encourage school pride throughout the school year. During school sporting events they often go on the sidelines with the cheerleaders and help get the crowd involved with the sport through various chants and cheers.

In previous years the rules have been more lenient as far as what they can and can not do in the crowd at games. However, as the winter sports season begins so do new rules for students and Crazies. 

The Crazies were told there were going to be new rules from the new Athletic Director, Lance Smith, a few weeks ago.These new rules were placed to solve problems with the student section and sportsmanship that have been noticed over the past few years. Some of these rules are leaving students wondering what they can and cannot do at games, where they must sit and what it means to be a Wildcat “Crazy.”

One rule that will affect the crowd as well as the team is not being able to shout chants at the opposing student section.

Many students get a thrill from being able to get involved with the other schools through these chants. Any chants involving the other school whatsoever is prohibited from being started by the Crazies and the crowd. However, chants like “Who Rocks The House?”, “Rowdy” and “Hey Ho” are still allowed due to their positive nature and representation of Millard West. 

Chants calling out individual players has been an issue.

Millard West is definitely not the only school who calls out players by the way they play, but is one of the first to try and do something to prevent it. These chants often distract the team and gets their players off their game, which could ultimately affect the outcome of the game. From now on the Crazies can not call out any players in any way or find other ways to distract them throughout the game.

Another rule that is now enforced to the student section is that for now on it must be pushed back to the third row of the bleachers. While this can cause overcrowding in Wildcat 1 at certain rival games, this would keep the student section off the floor and farther from the court.