Thanksgiving Traditions

The time to be thankful for everything you have

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Genna Platte, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is the time for you to spend with family while you eat some delicious food.People have different ideas of what this holiday symbolizes, but for me it is a time to be thankful for everything you have, and a time to be forgiving. This is a special holiday because I don’t think it is necessarily based on a religion, but more of a way to celebrate each other. Thanksgiving is a special holiday that needs more light shined on it.

Every year there is always a Macy’s Day Parade that is broadcasted nationwide. This takes place at 9 a.m. and goes until noon. One of the traditions in my family is to watch the parade while we eat homemade cinnamon rolls that my mom makes the night before. This is one of the best days of the year because families get to spend the day together, eat delicious food and to just be thankful for the people they have in their lives.

Friends have friendsgiving to celebrate each other and to be thankful that they have been brought together. Along with our families our friends also have a big impact on us. They are always there for each other if you need a shoulder to cry on or even if you just need someone to spend time with. Friends are definitely something to be thankful for. Different school sports and activities also have a thanksgiving to show how much their team means to them.

“Since I am in Uptown girls this year we are having a Thanksgiving and a huge feast along with it,” junior Maddy Logelin said. “I am also hosting a big Thanksgiving with my friends at my house this year.”

Every family has different traditions that they have to celebrate the holidays. This time of the year is when families come together to spend time with one another. Some people travel out of town to go see extended family.

“My family usually drives to Carter Lake where my grandma lives,” Logelin said. “My grandma makes her famous stuffing for Thanksgiving but she won’t tell any of us how she makes it.”

Other families decide to stay close to home for the holiday. It can be more special when you are near home during any holiday. Sometimes the comfort of our own homes are the best when celebrating Thanksgiving and other holidays.

“I always get together with my extended family,” junior Chloe Moore said. “We all contribute to a big dinner. My favorite part is getting to enjoy my aunt’s mashed potatoes.”

Generally, people tend to eat too much food during Thanksgiving and who blames them? Fan favorite foods are turkey, bread rolls, stuffing and especially the mashed potatoes with or without gravy. There are also the many different types of pies to take care of that sweet tooth.

“We always have too much pie and my grandma always makes up all take home at least two pies every time,” Alvarez-Schmidt said. “My favorite kind of food to eat during the holiday is stuffing or mashed potatoes with a lot of gravy.”

Sometimes there are families that do not eat the normal food though. Some families eat tacos, or fish. I find that interesting and unique.

The night before Thanksgiving and Christmas my family will go buy and eat tamales from Jacobos grocery store, and then the day of the holiday we will eat the normal food. Most people eat just the regular turkey and mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that does not get enough credit since people mainly worry about Halloween and go straight into Christmas. We need Thanksgiving to show us what we are thankful for. That we do not need candy or presents or anything else.

“The meaning behind Thanksgiving has been totally lost,” Alvarez-Schmidt said. “But it bringing together families is what makes it still significant.”

After Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a tradition that families all across the country join in on. It is the time for you to get all of the shopping done for cheaper prices. Malls are filled with people.

“Every year I go to Minnesota to see my family,” senior Samantha Benak said. “We also go to Mall of America on Black Friday to do our Christmas shopping.”

This year remember that you have something to be thankful for and keep that spirit always with you not just during the holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is significant and is a great way to get people together.

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