Violence in TV

TV violence is affecting us

Dev Mehta, Podcast Editor

In today’s world we watch a lot of TV shows and movies that show violence on it, but have you ever thought about how the violence affects your young kids?

Violence in today’s media is affecting our young people who watch this type media and their parents are letting them watch it. In today’s society there is a lot violence shown on TV and movies, that is easily accessible for them. These violent things in our media is not a positive influence for the young audience who watch it.

Kids age of 13 or younger are getting access to this very easily, from their parents or using the internet to find it. It is difficult to stop young kids from watching this act of violence on media due to the smooth access to it. These days when you turn on your TV the only shows you will get to watch is action TV shows most of the time.

According to the article TV Violence a Cause of Child Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior  “American children watch an average of between three and four hours of televisions daliy.”

Young children watch TV daily that affects their academic progress in school. That means their future is in danger, because low academic education means that they will not get a high paying job for themselves.

But that is not the only issue.

TV violence is making kids aggressive and violent. Due to that reason kids get mad easily on small issues and get into fights with other students in school or young lads outside. If that aggressive behavior is not stopped by parents of the child, in the future it will be negative for that certain person. Young kids should be kept away from violent content or have a limit on how much content they can watch on TV. They also get more fearful of the world around them. Become less sensitive to pain and in suffering of others. There is a drop in children’sYuki Izuno

According to the article How Media use Affects Your Child states that “Kids who view violent acts on TV are more likely to show aggressive behavior, and to fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.”

On the other hand, people will say that violent media is not the reason for aggressive behavior on kids, it is the environment that they grew up in. To a certain extent it is true, but still violence in media does affect kids.  It is like putting more fuel in the fire.

Violence on our screens is affecting the young generation, we need to stop this before it gets too late. Kids need to watch more appropriate content that is good for them and that will not affect them.