“Post-Spring Assessment Test”

National tests should be taken in late Spring

Cody Bennett, Assistant Striv Producer

On a cold and windy Wednesday morning, sophomores and juniors lined up outside of their assigned classrooms to take the dreaded “PACT” (Pre-American College Test) and “PSAT” (Pre-Scholastic Assessment Test).

With test sections in Math, Reading, English and Science parts for the PACT, the PSAT normally focuses on grammar portions, testing the students on their ability to recognize grammar and writing mistakes with the knowledge currently in their mind with some small amounts of Math and Science.

Going through both tests, the Math and English parts start to become problems.

With no refresher course since my last math class two semesters ago (including Summer Break) and my science class over Summer Break, left me to guess with the faded knowledge I have left over.

Since my sophomore year started off with Geometry, my friends and I considered myself fortunate. I get knowledge of math weeks in advance that I will be able to have before the test, making me better equipped.

On the other hand, students that weren’t scheduled in Math and Chemistry or Physics were left under informed, with barely any knowledge of base sophomore classes.

If the tests are pushed back to Spring, students with first and second semester core classes will then cause their minds to become foggy, but with all AP exams there are review sessions to refresh the student’s mind.

By allowing review sessions for both tests, all students will be allowed to have a fair understanding of the content and have a decent understanding on which score they’re likely to receive.

Both tests are to give you a fair “estimate” on what your score is currently, but with no knowledge of your grades Math and Science level, there is no estimate on how the student will do on the actual exam. By pushing the PSAT and PACT tests back to end of 3rd semester spring, students will have more than enough material for them to perform well on the tests.

Third semester comes off of Winter Break, allowing students to come back with a fresh mind ready to learn information for the actual ACT and SAT.

Also pushing it back let’s teachers prepare better than just one semester, by getting the information needed to teach their students to help them to have a fair understanding of where they stand on the test.

Thus, allowing the PACT and PSAT will allow more students to have a better understanding on how they will do on the exams. Having review sessions will allow the information to become crystal into the minds of those testing in the following semesters.