Get to Work!

Summer jobs are what students of the younger ages should start to look for this year


Makenna Cole, Staff Writer

Now that school is over, students that are now of age to start working have to find their summer jobs. During the summer, students of ages 15-16 are starting to begin to realize that it’s time to start working and earn some money in order to have a fun-filled summer.


For me, getting a job as a student is an important necessity when becoming the right age. It shows other people how responsible students want to be as well as them proving it to themselves. Being able to work and earn money should be looked at as a privilege to students.


In some places like Fareway and a variety of food places, students can begin working as young as 14, but with limited hours. This age requirement for working shows that businesses want to help younger students become more familiar and at ease with the thought or working longer hours and more days. I see this as a great opportunity for us to become better and harder workers than we were before.


Students tend to take the ability to work for granted. Some think that working is just a waste of time and that their parents will end up paying for everything, without realizing that someday they will be out in the world alone and their parents won’t be able to support them anymore.


In later years in life some students will go off to college and then have a fantastic career where they get to travel around the world, some will have jobs that will help to support their families, and some will wind up alone living in their parents basement. Which started working when they got the opportunity to? I would hope that students make the right decisions about what working could do for their futures.


Saying that it is easy for students to begin working at a young age would be the understatement of the year. From experience, it is hard to find a business that will accept students below the age of 16, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. Event jobs that don’t require and application would still be amazing.


For students like me, finding a job has been a struggle, but there are other ways to get a job without having to apply for it. For example most student are leaning towards nannying as a way to start working. Especially being a nanny or a babysitter for a family member is so much easier than working for someone they are not familiar with.


Being able to work alongside family would be a great job for the summer. It is much more comfortable than working with unfamiliar people. With nannying, it is so much easier to already have a connection with the children that they are watching instead of having to take the time to learn to connect with them


In general, I strongly believe that working as a high school student is very important for their futures. I helps them to prepare for the struggles that they might face in the near future because opportunities for working at younger ages don’t last forever.