Spring Game Excites, Then Leaves Questions


Kade Warner shares an embrace with Tristan Gebbia after a 57 yard touchdown pass. Photo by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Andrew Pfeifer, MWHS Wildcat News Anchor

Arms are linked together in unison and music blares from Memorial Stadium as the notorious Scott Frost leads his army of Cornhuskers out of the tunnel for the first time. The song “Come Together” by the Beatles rang out for all of Lincoln to hear.

In the first quarter, redshirt freshman Kurt Rafdel put up the first touchdown for the White Team with the connection from walk-on quarterback Andrew Bunch.

True freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez made his name known in his debut performance, putting up four touchdowns for the Red Team with three rushing touchdowns.                        

Quarterback Adrian Martinez had an astonishing game with three rushing touchdowns. Photo by the Lincoln Journal Star.More scoring came from Jaevon McQuitty’s 25 yard pass from Martinez, Mike Williams’ 3 yard pass from Tristan Gebbia, Wyatt Mazour’s 43 yard run, Kade Warner’s 57 yard pass from Gebbia, and a field goal banged through by Cole Frahm from 30 yards out.

Overall, both sides contributed to a well scoring game as the final score was whistled in 49-9, Red Team.

Although the game was just a benchmark for Frost and his team, the excitement for longtime Husker fans who watched Frost in the 90’s was unbearable.   

There is a lot to look forward to heading into the 2018 season, but many questions still remain. One of those questions being: Who will assume the role of starting quarterback?

What we already know is that we can automatically rule out UCF transfer Noah Vedral.

Not because he lacks the skill, but because he is ineligible by the NCAA to participate (being a transfer), but could maybe see the field in the years to come.

So the attention all turns to the two freshman standouts and one walk-on. Tristan Gebbia and Adrian Martinez who both had groundbreaking games, as well as Andrew Bunch who opened up the game with a score.

Frost could make his decision come fall after the spring game wrapped up the practices in April. There is plenty of time that will be made to make a decision that best fits the new spread offense.

Another question among many fans is whether a new coach will also bring new tradition. Since 1994, “Sirius” has been the walk-out song for the Cornhuskers ever since the Osborne era. It would be almost unimaginable for a long time Husker fan to adjust to the new changes.

With a preview of the season introduced with a Beatles classic, the unfamiliar song set a new tone for what is to come with a new coach. The question is, will Frost keep the song and stick to tradition from the days he played? Or is this program about to flip upside down?

Despite the controversy of breaking tradition with the walkout song, the game went on to give the fans something to look forward to.

With lots of questions unanswered, many Husker fans would agree that the program is in better hands. From what we know best, Husker football is all about family. And with just that, even if Frost makes these unexpected changes, they will all be in efforts to create an unstoppable football team.