Get Your Test Game On

Juniors complete ACT on April 3rd across the state


Nate Thomas, Staff Writer

For the second year, Millard Public Schools along with the state of Nebraska offered ACT testing to all juniors across the state on April 3rd.

Testing began sharply at eight o’clock, and lasted around four and a half hours. Students were separated into classrooms based on alphabetical order of last name.

The ACT, a standardized test, contains four timed sections in English, math, science, reading and writing. Scores are used to help establish where a student is located academically in areas, as well as overall, and used to compare each other across the country.

“I think offering the ACT to students gives everyone the opportunity to do their best and show their potential,” junior Ana Ortman said. “Some families cannot afford to pay for a typical Saturday session, let alone the writing, so Millard allowing this is great for the community.”

Juniors also completed John Baylor’s On to College program online that consists of 12, 40 minute video sessions, where practice tests are worked through with answers, while also discussing tips for the test. Also available online are modules for each session along with the video talking about the questions. Overall, the program’s mission is to help students receive a better score, to receive the most amount of scholarships and grants towards college tuition.

“John Baylor helped those of us who are unable to achieve a cut score,” junior Jacob Claus said. “He taught us basic skills to get a minimum required score to get into a good school, or receive scholarship money.”

For many, this was not the first time they had participated in the testing, but were still required to take the test. They offered advice to help ease the students’ nerves and help do the best they could.

“Just manage your time wisely and don’t overthink each question,” junior Ryan Hruby said. “You want enough time at the end of each section to look back at the hardest problems and check your answers.”

This year’s test comes after the students of Millard West received the highest average composite score in the state a year ago, with a 21.9, while also leading in other categories including math and English.

The ACT test is offered at most schools to students from 6th-12th grade, on an every two month rotation. The next test date is June 9th, 2018. Early registration closes May 4th, but the official deadline closes on May 18th for all students.