We’ve Got Spirit, Do We?

Millard West student spirit has taken a downhill turn since the football season ended


Photo by: Mark Hilburn

Makenna Cole, Staff Writer

Massive crowds and herds of people are what team players see as an ideal game, but that isn’t what they have been getting. Most people are aware that football season is something that is known to have eager fans coming to watch and support. The football team definitely gets the most support out of all the sports going on in the school, but when football season ends the students become oblivious to the other sports coming after.

Since the second half of the season, the boys and girls basketball team hasn’t been getting a lot of school support. It seems like the only way people are coming to the games is when they play rival teams. It’s like no one has the time to attend the basketball games, or the baseball games, or other activities unless it’s football.

A reason for this downfall is due to technology taking its toll on students today. Now we have things like Striv and Game Changer, allowing the fans experience the game from home and get all the statistics they need. We have Twitter giving updates of the game every so often. We really don’t know if they are watching or not though. It’s hard to get school spirit watching from a phone screen, ruining the thrill of a game live in action.

Then again, technology is available with football too, yet many people attend. Today many individuals, mainly boys, have been getting more into video games, like Fortnite. I have seen kids everyday playing this right when they get home for hours on end, missing out supporting their school, and giving the teams something to play for. It appears like it’s more important to get first place on a video game than their own school teams getting first place and winning other things.

When peers don’t go to support school events, it shows how little they care. Our school has been nominated, and won, many awards regarding our school spirit. But little do other people realize that our peppiness only carries us so far.

Once something important ends students go on and act like there is nothing else is going on in the school. People only care about one sport, nothing else. It’s like there is no other sports existing in our school. This makes players feel less important and like their sport doesn’t matter, especially the girls teams.

We all have come to realize the boys teams get the most recognition over the girls team and when comparing the two teams together the boys have more support than girls do. This can make them feel like they are playing for people who don’t even care about them. If the girls and even the boys team got more support, then it might cause them to try even harder during their games.

Not only do sports like track and basketball get little to no school spirit, the same goes for the show choir and orchestra groups. I have showed up to many show choir performances expecting to see a lot of  students come and support, but I thought wrong. The only support the groups get are from the people that are apart of the other groups which don’t get me wrong it’s amazing to get support from friends and family, but the people who don’t know much about show choir do not care at all. Show choir shows are very enjoyable to go to and I’ve seen it get people really pumped up, but not a lot of other students see it that way. Which is really disappointing because no matter what we should all be supporting each other in every way we can.

As I see it, working definitely comes into play when we are in high school. More people are looking for a job in order to pay for their cars, and other necessary things needed for a student. This also causes the problem for the shortage of people coming to games and other school events. From watching other people’s experience with working, i’ve noticed that the schedules can become very hectic and some people have to work every day of the week. It’s hard to make it to a game at five thirty or seven o’clock because that it when some of their shifts start. This could be a reason as to why there is a very low attendance rate at school.

I think that from now on instead of just showing all of our school spirit to the football team, we give it to all the groups and teams here at Millard West. It would make our school greater and more deserving of the spirit awards that we get. It would show other schools that we care about what our school is doing and that we support the activities going on. Our school will have more pep and other schools would want to be more like us, we would serve as a role model for other students. Its sad walking into a gym and seeing no one but parents supporting their kids. Lets try harder to get the school spirit we had at the beginning of the year.