Shot Clock is a Necessity

Nate Thomas, Staff Writer

As it currently stands, the Nebraska School Activities Association does not have or require a running shot clock at all levels of basketball.

In high schools across the state, teams can theoretically hold the ball for the entire game, without committing any violations, and not be penalized in game for it. Shot clocks also help at the end of games when teams begin to foul. Currently teams can start to send opponents to the free throw line with around two minutes left, but a shot clock could push that time closer towards a minute, and give teams a better chance to fight at the end of games

In today’s society, spectators and fans love the modern, fast-paced offenses. Boy’s basketball teams in Class A average 57.5 points per game, and Creighton Prep tops the list at 70.1. Although high school basketball plays less minutes than a NCAA D1 basketball game, their top scoring teams, Oklahoma and Duke, average 88.8 points per game, with a 30 second shot clock.

That is an 18.7 point difference. A 35 or 40 second shot clock in basketball would speed up the pace of play, and allow at least 12 offensive possessions combined per quarter, meaning more points can be put up on the board, and there could be closer games with scores around 75 or 80 at the high school level.

Although the cost to implement the system will cost $10,000 per school, it is a one time cost, and can easily be ran by a volunteer that is already attending. An indicator should be placed next to the game clocks, or in another visible spot for players and coaches to see, in order to have the most efficiency.

Bringing in a new shot clock will also unlock the maximum potential for coaches and players, with who can manage their possessions the best. A great coach or player can make the best of any and all circumstances to find a way to win. They only have the limited amount of time to make an offensive set, and show who the best playmakers on the court are.

As the issue continues to rage on, many will start to agree that installing a shot clock is the best thing for high school shot clock to keep the game more interesting and exciting.