Net neutrality.

The freedom to go to whichever website you would like-with no added cost. Sadly, that last part needed to be added. The freedom of information is something the internet has given our society and it has done much for the advancement of ideas and thinking in America.

Most countries laugh at how disorganized we are. From our health care issues to taxes, our government officials are at odds with each other. Without worrying about the war, each party tries to win all of the minor battles. They put forth legislation without any compromise and then get upset when the other party votes against it.

The Obama administration had the people in mind when they implemented policy about net neutrality back in 2015. Since their absence in office, the FCC has decided to repeal net neutrality, not because it was a bad idea, but in order to make more money. The president may veto any bill that tries to keep net neutrality because of his views on big business. Around 61% of democratic voters support net neutrality and around 59% of republican voters support it.Many states have decided to sue the FCC in attempts to try to keep the regulations that were passed in 2015.

This motive is driving their ideas, their thinking. It is corrupting the American idealism by thinking so capitalistically that the application of their ideas are not thought about. The government should stick with legislation passed by the president preceding them, unless it is unconstitutional or if it is causing harm in practice.

Repealing net neutrality will only help one group of people. The people who work for internet providers. It will harm almost everyone else including the owners of websites that now will cost more. People may have to pay more for specific websites like Netflix and Hulu, on top of what their subscription costs. Businesses that have been thriving will see an inevitable drop in visitors and the money they make will substantially decrease. Most people do not have the ability to pay for websites specifically. The internet has made things, like social networking possible and making those things cost more will undo all of the things that technology has done for us.

Not only will net neutrality affect people’s personal lives, but it will have a profound effect on school life of students. Schools will have the same problem supplying their students with the websites they need for classes.

If not only to keep  internet providers in check, net neutrality is necessary to keep the freedom of information reliable. Just because the providers didn’t try to take advantage of it before doesn’t mean that they won’t now. These rules just make sure they are following guidelines to keep things equal. This is no different than the FDA imposing federal rules on the safety of food. The safety of internet security is just as important.