Will West Fall Short on the Road Again?


Max Anderson

Sophomore Peyton Buscher shooting the three

Jaden Cover, Sports Editor

Max Anderson
Sophomore Peyton Buscher shooting a three.
photo by Max Anderson

Millard West is taking on rival Millard North on Friday, December 22, at Millard North High School.

Millard West is off to an average beginning, three wins and three losses. Every win for the Wildcats have come at home and every loss has occurred away from Millard West. While it is early in the season and far too early to judge this team’s identity, one may guess that the Wildcats are far more comfortable playing inside their own school.

Luckily for Millard West, the Mustangs are not picky about where they have played this season. Millard North is losing wherever they play. With a record of 1-6, Millard North is in desperate need for a win. The Wildcats on the flips, are hungry for their first road win.

On paper these teams are entirely different. Millard North is averaging more than 10 points more per game than the Millard West, but they are also giving up 70 points a game while the Wildcats are only giving up 54 points.

For the Mustangs, the key to the game is scoring… a lot. Teams have struggled to find a soft spot in in the Wildcat’s defense, but if the Mustangs want any chance to win it will have to be a shootout.

The Wildcats must handle the environment. This team has struggled on the road and they have to take the noise out of the building early with a quick start. Also, Millard West has to shut down Mustangs’ Nick Ferrarini. The senior guard is averaging 19.2 points per game, paving the way for the high-octane offense for the Mustangs.

The game is likely to be packed on both the home and away sides. Both schools are entering winter break and Christmas Spirit is in the air. Although this is the season of giving, do not expect either team to give an inch during the first Millard matchup of the year.