Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas

A family holiday tradition that started with a T.V. Channels’s love for Christmas.


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Freeform starts the holiday season off with series of different Christmas movies.

Hillary Van Buren, Staff Writer

For many years families have made Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas movies a tradition throughout the Christmas season. The holiday classics are played from December 1st through December 25th.

The 25 Days of Christmas movies originated on The Family Channel in 1996. The idea has gone through other associated channels such as ABC Family and its current channel, Freeform. They haven’t missed a Christmas since and  has become a ritual for the T.V. channel along with its audience.

As traditions continue, their is confusion about the movies that were put on the 2017 schedule. Freeform added Toy Story and Happy Feet in order to change up the schedule. On the other hand, the audience prefers to watch movies that remind them of the holidays.

“This years schedule for the movies is weird because there are some movies in it that I wouldn’t consider a Christmas movie,” junior Taelen Ahl said. “They just need to stick to the normal holiday classics everyone loves.”

Freeforms excitement for Christmas started all the way back in late October when they eagerly released the schedule for the movies. Making sure everyone is prepared and as excited for the holiday season.

“It’s great that they release the schedule so early, because it gets everyone so excited for Christmas,” junior Beth Sook said. “Freeform always does a good job of having everything planned out for each day.”

Even though Freeform takes the time to prepare the schedule way in advance, the movies tend to all have the same plot. The small town girl falls in love with the nerdy small town boy instead of the hard working businessman, or there’s a problem in Santa’s workshop.

“It doesn’t matter that they all have the same story line,” Sook said. “It’s a cute story line and everyone loves a good Christmas movie.”

Yet, people still love these movies forgetting that they are all the same. They bring a warm cozy feeling into the cold winter mood. For some families, the 25 days of Christmas movies are one of the only traditions in their family that they remember year after year.

“Watching the Christmas movies has been the longest tradition in my family,” junior Nicole Packwood said. “I’ve always loved watching them and have been doing it for as long as I can remember. It brings such a joyful mood into my house.”

Families still seem to find themselves sitting in-front of the T.V. with the Christmas tree lights in sight, the warm fireplace by their side and hot cocoa in their hands. All snuggled up on the couch with blankets, hooked on watching the holiday classics that are playing on Freeform.