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Donating blood

The facts about giving to the Red Cross
Sydney Prasch
“I’ve donated about twice to the blood drive, once before homecoming and the most recent one,” sophomore Kaylen Kozol said. “My experience was overall just fine.”

Recently the Red Cross came by for the semi-annual blood drive. The blood drive is hosted here every year and anyone can donate. A person isn’t truly giving up a whole lot when they donate blood and more people should be mindful of donating.

According to the Red Cross website, whole blood donation is the most common donation it can be done up to six times a year. Power Red donations require the person to be 17 and up and can be made three times a year. Platelet donations take platelets which are the things that clot wounds are made 24 times a year. 

Basic information is key when it comes to talking about blood it helps people to understand other information better. It also helps to set up what a person gives when they donate.

When someone donates blood, the minimum amount of blood taken in a pint compared to the average human body is 1.5 gallons. This isn’t a huge amount of blood. Platelets and power red take different amounts of blood, Power Red is two whole blood donations, and platelets will just take the platelets out of the blood then the blood is pumped back into the body. Plasma is also a by-product of taking blood, it is just an orangish liquid. The time required to perform each is an hour to three hours. 

Feeling good about yourself for donating isn’t the only benefit of registering.

Many people don’t give blood donations a chance and this shouldn’t be the case. Not only does donating feel good it also does something good for the community or whoever needs the blood. In an article from WebMD, blood donations can be a safe and simple way to help others. In addition, donations can have potential benefits like decreasing iron levels and better cholesterol.

Other things to consider would be donating even when the blood drive here is over. 

To conclude, donating blood isn’t a monotonous task and does have good effects on the donator and the recipient who gets the blood. Also, there isn’t very much anyone who has to give up to donate a little blood. Even though the blood drive has ended here, blood drives are hosted almost every day so anyone could save a life at any time. 

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