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Commercials and football

The Super Bowl’s less athletic side
Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger perform in the State Farm Super Bowl commercial.
Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger perform in the State Farm Super Bowl commercial.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world every year. According to NFL football operations over 200 million people watched the 2024 Super Bowl. Although the football game is the main event, the commercials can be some of the funniest and most memorable parts of the Super Bowl. There are always classic commercials from businesses such as Budweiser, Amazon and Doritos. But then there are some new ones every year that find a place in people’s memories.

Starting the list we have State Farms “Like a Good Neighbaa.” This commercial features famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a state farm employee and is on multiple sets where he has to say the famous state farm slogan. Since Schwarzenegger is from Austria his English has a thick accent and instead of saying “neighbor” he keeps on saying “neighba.”The commercial then has a scene where a customer thanks Schwarzenegger, “and when he is about to say the slogan”, Danny DeVito comes in and finishes it for him. 

Next, we have the “Born to Play” commercial by the NFL. This commercial starts off with a boy playing football in the houses and streets of Accra, Ghana. His mind is playing football with NFL players such as Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley and Cam Jordan. All of a sudden a stray dog snatches the boy’s football and leads him on a wild chase through the city and eventually stops at a field. The boy sees people playing football and the camera pans to the boy standing by a poster advertising the NFL’s Africa camp. This commercial was advertising the expansion of football across the globe into different countries. 

One of the classic Super Bowl commercial producers is the Clyde Dale Horses and Budweiser. This year the Budweiser commercial was called “Old School Delivery” and the commercial begins with a bar running out of Budweiser and there was a heavy snowstorm outside which prevented travel. The distributor decides to take the beer from the traditional way of transportation and use the horses along with an old red wagon. The horses and distributor travel through valleys and hills, finally reaching the bar and successfully delivering the Budweiser to the bar. 

According to USA Today, the Volkswagen commercial tops the commercial ranking charts with a commercial that takes you back in time. The commercial begins in black and white and shows an old Volkswagen car on a boat and then the car gets dropped off on the mainland. They then show the evolution of Volkswagen and then the commercial changes from black and white to color—the commercial ends with showing off a modern-day high-technological Volkswagen car.

The Super Bowl brings together people from all over the country to share their love of football, but it also brings together a group of people who love entertainment, storytelling and art. This year’s Super Bowl had some of the best commercials we have seen in recent years. 


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Wyatt Carmichael
Wyatt Carmichael, Staff Reporter
Wyatt is a junior at Millard West and beginning his first year on the CATalyst staff. In his free time Carmichael likes to create sports videography and photography and spend time outdoors with family and friends by fishing, hiking, riding bikes and waterfowl hunting. Wyatt loves spending time watching high school, college and professional sports. Whenever Wyatt is watching sports he enjoys cheering on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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