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Bending the multiverse

Disney Plus TV show “Loki” comes back for a second season
Released in October of 2023, “Loki season 2” is the second season of the trending Disney Plus show.
Sam Blecha
Released in October of 2023, “Loki season 2” is the second season of the trending Disney Plus show.

Releasing around two years after the first season, “Loki season 2” arrives to Disney Plus for more multiversal drama. “Loki” is a Marvel show about Loki (Tom Hiddleston), when an alternate version of him is brought to Time Variance Authority (TVA), which is an organization that exists outside of the normal Marvel timeline that makes sure it stays intact.

Released in October of 2023, the second season of Disney Plus’s superhero show “Loki” makes sure to leave the audience with no more questions. “Loki season 2” is compiled with six episodes, and one released every Thursday until Nov. 9.mw

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

At the end of “Loki season 1”, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) killed He Who Remains (Jonothan Majors), and then this ended up in the Marvel timeline breaking and creating an infinite amount of different timelines. Loki tries his best to stop Sylvie, but he can’t stop her. 

At the start of season two, Loki is at the TVA and he is freaking out because of what Sylvie did. And it all just gets worse when the TVA members don’t know who Loki is and they don’t know what he is talking about. Loki realizes that he is in an alternate timeline where all the people he was friends with in the main timeline, don’t know who he is. 

While Loki is trying to figure out where he is, he keeps time slipping and going back to places he was in the past. He is doing this so that he can go to a timeline where his friend Mobius (Owen Wilson) knows who he is. I loved these scenes where Loki was confused where he was and was nervous after what had just happened with He Who Remains. It gives a scared and eerie feeling to the show that fits in perfectly and adds to the mood.

Loki finally finds a timeline where Mobius knows who he is. They go out and meet someone new named Ouroboros (Ke Huy Quan). He works for the TVA and he is pretty much the tech master in the TVA. Loki and Mobius are trying to figure out how to stop Loki from time slipping and they think Ouroboros can help them. Ouroboros tells them that for Loki to stop time slipping, they have to use the temporal aural extractor to take Loki off of all these different timelines and only have him in one. 

Loki and Mobius go back in time to 1893 and they go to the Chicago World Fair. They are trying to find someone that knows about the temporal aural extractor. At the premiere, there is an inventor, Victor Timely (Jonothan Majors) and he is showing off all of his inventions and everyone there is very entertained. Victor Timely has an aura and that is the only thing that can get Mobius and Loki access to the Loom to make Loki not time slip. They go and speak to Victor Timely, but he gets mobbed by other people for giving them fake inventions and now Loki and Mobius have to chase him down to get the aura. 

The tension that the show brought in this scene was perfectly executed. It felt as if I could feel the tension in the show through my screen. It felt this way because if they didn’t get the aura from Victor Timely now, then they would have no other way of getting it. It is now Loki and Mobius’s job to get the aura from Victor Timely and to save the whole universe from collapsing and ending.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this show to any Marvel fans or superhero fans. Although, if you aren’t a fan of superheroes , I think you would be better off watching a different show since “Loki” mostly directs its audience toward Marvel and superhero fans. The show bends your mind to where you are so confused about what had just happened, but then in the end it all makes sense and it is mind blowing. Also, throughout the show, you see how Loki has progressed as a human and how he has changed. From the start of the show to the end, you can notice drastically big changes that happened to him and his personality for the better. After watching the first season of “Loki”, I had huge expectations and the show met those expectations. 


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Sam Blecha, Staff Reporter
Sam is a senior at Millard West and this is his first year on the CATalyst staff. He likes to spend his time hanging out with friends and family. Things he likes to do with his friends are watching and playing sports, like golf and basketball. A lot of his time is also spent working. He enjoys writing about sports events that have happened all over the world and reviewing new and upcoming movies in the movie industry.

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