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Blasting off to a new school year

New app Saturn makes the school schedule easier to understand
Caden Reynolds
”I’m not a big fan of Saturn but I can’t deny that there are some uses,” said sophomore Hunter Benning. “I’ll see into Saturn more in the future due to what I have heard and saw.”

Over the summer a new app caught the attention of myself and others. Saturn shows you the “classes of the day” in addition to a messenger that is used for communications between students.

Saturn is more valuable than people think it has more uses than just telling you where to go during the day. There is a set bulletin board that can bring attention to clubs or upcoming events like Homecoming or Prom. A task board is also displayed for you and only you this can be used for homework or personal events.

The bulletin isn’t the only unique feature this app has. There is also a chatting feature that while it might not be as useful, it does allow someone in the class to ask a question to their fellow classmates. “Friending” someone on Saturn allows you to see their schedule, which is more efficient than pulling up your student view and sharing it around with your friends. 

It’s also more convenient than a regular calendar because it maps out your entire school year without you having to lift a finger. The app will notify you before you go to class reminding you if it is an “Odd, Even, All” Day this can be useful when you are confused about where you going during the day.

There are many unique features that are in this app while not being associated with any school district. According to the Saturn website, security prevents people who aren’t students or teachers from accessing the app. Recent security updates have banned people who don’t work or go to school. There has been talk of privacy concerns, but Saturn is an app that doesn’t take private information unless you give it your information.

Even with all of this, the app has been banned by a majority of school districts due to these supposed security concerns. Even the website has been banned from being able to be looked up on school computers. In a Fox Article about Saturn, the reporter was previously able to log in without a school gmail and look at who’s attending an event with times, locations, and photos.

I would recommend anyone who uses a regular calendar to switch to Saturn. Saturn even has most of the normal calendar features. It is overall safe and is very easy to sign up for, and if you are struggling with where to go during the day then Saturn is an app for you.

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About the Contributor
Caden Reynolds
Caden Reynolds, Staff Reporter
Caden is a new reporter to the Catalyst. He’s very new to journalism and writing. He was thinking on being in the tennis team or golf team. A little thing about him is he went to this really big museum that had many hazards spread around it but that didn’t discourage Caden from having a good time.

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