Safety for athletes

Protecting our athletes is most important in sports

Saylor Massey, Staff Reporter

According to the NSC injury facts, 3.2 million people will be treated in emergency departments for sports injuries in 2021. This has become a problem all over the world for most sports. These sports include football, soccer, basketball, boxing and baseball. As you can see lots of these sports are school sports. This can put students at risk of high injuries.

There are many stated reasons why athletes are getting injured. The main reason is the uniforms don’t provide enough safety. According to Rezzil, football helmets have changed over the years to protect players from concussions. The number one injury in sports is a leg, ankle, shoulder, or knee strain. Knowing these are the most common in sports it is reasonable to say there is not much we can do to uniforms to prevent that. Now making it almost impossible for the athlete to play or continue normal life activities because of a sport. 

Another reason athletes are getting injured is the lack of following rules or just the rules in general. It is very important to be following the rules at all times such as in boxing. According to research gate, 3.4 per 100 boxing rounds are injured. These injuries include eyes, hands, fingers and wrists. If people don’t follow the rules we know they get injured but it can even go as far as death when it comes to these injuries and that’s why it’s so important to keep following the rules and to keep our athletes safe. So people who don’t follow the rules are usually warned or even disqualified.

Sometimes injuries just happen due to not moving your muscles correctly. In my opinion, I feel athletes should be taught at a young age to stretch every day and to understand the consequences of not stretching or working out correctly. This is a big reason most athletes have shoulder or knee problems. I believe that coaches should entertain this more to the players and make sure to give many water breaks during practice. The people that they can look up to and know that they care about their health are so important to young athletes. 

Now we may never know if athletes will fully be safe, but we can use all the precautions we can to try. I believe as long as we educate our athletes and make sure they are wearing and acting safely, we can totally achieve this goal by trying, but honestly, nothing is going to make anyone 100% safe. So it’s not necessary to fret about athlete safety as long as we are doing all we can.