The lockers are unnecessary

Students have decided over the years to use backpacks instead


photo by Saylor Massey

As you can see lockers are not being used, And haven’t been assigned for years.

Saylor Massey, Staff Reporter

Around Millard West High School, you may see a variety of lockers in the hallways. Wiki How has stated schools are getting rid of lockers. Every student has gotten an offer to use one, but the lockers are only valuable for athletic ways. Since everybody has their backpack they find the lockers here at Millard West to be useless. Now that lockers are not being used, why are they there?

The purpose of getting rid of the lockers would be to have more space for something the students could use, such as a sitting area for studying. I think the students, teachers, and classes could use this because the only places to sit are the library and benches. Teachers can plan more ways to have type in areas other than the class if we had more sitting areas. As you know a lot of upperclassmen who have free periods use that time to study. I feel like this could be a great time to sit down and finish all homework without overwhelming the library. This could also be used for the student in the morning before they go to class. Instead of standing all over the school, our students can get comfortable in the sitting area. When students are in the library they are expected to be quiet but if we had a sitting area groups, classes, and even teachers can use that as an opportunity to work there. 

The lockers that are connected to the wall don’t cause a problem and can be used by the students that are in any after-school sports. But the lockers that are randomly out and open in the hallway are in the way and cause traffic jams between the students. WHS TODAY states that lockers were used more in the past because the students passing periods were longer. Our school has decreased our passing periods from 10 minutes to 6, leaving us not enough time to collect our belongings in a locker if your class is in a different area of the building you don’t have a class in. Alternative press states that students don’t have the time to go to their lockers so instead they just carry their belongings. Taking the lockers out would help with that conflict between the students and teachers.

When taking the lockers out you may think that’s a lot of money for the school to be wasting, but I disagree. If we happen to sell the lockers, we can get money out of that for the school and for whatever we will put to replace the lockers. If we do partake in this we can get students excited to go to school, for something different. The teachers can get excited to use it to their advantage during class, and the students will want to use it not only to socialize with peers but also use it to do homework. I feel like that is worth the money and work.

Looking back at the possibilities, having something new to have the students and teachers excited about is very important. As you can see most of the lockers are useless and don’t need to be there. We can continue making our school the best it can be!