16-year-old producing prodigy

Producer Aviad is making waves

Aviad released his album on Dec. 2, 2022

Aviad released his album on Dec. 2, 2022

Alberto Dell Apa, Staff Reporter

On Dec. 2, 2022,   the music producer known as Aviad released “THE TRUTH.” Aviad had previously worked on JID’s “Dance Now” as well as other works, catching the eyes of many artists wanting to work with him. Aviad is only 16-years-old and released his first album a year prior. His skill demonstrated on his tracks shows much promise on his future endeavors.  

“THE TRUTH” features an artist called Dread Scott on vocals. In comparison to most other songs Aviad produces, this one has a notable metallic mood to it, with louder, more driven vocals accompanying. The beat itself doesn’t have much variation but the vocals aren’t repetitive so it’s alright.

“the best in me” is a beat that encapsulates a very summery feeling. It has a small choir in the background and a main vocalist saying in an echoey voice “That’s the best in me.” The beat is soothing to listen to as it isn’t overly complicated but very enjoyable to listen to. The song has about five to six key components that can be picked out which all fit together like puzzle pieces.

“I FOUND LIGHT” features vocalist Handsome Pryce. The vocals are about Pryce’s aspirations. He mostly talks about getting the opportunity of feeding his family and building his career into a business. The beat features a simple piano going down on a chord that occasionally changes to a lower tone, and eventually drums get added into the mixture and that’s when the beat really comes together. This is probably one of my favorite songs from Aviad due to the calmness of the song. 

“STARS IN THE SKY” features Kwame Adu and MiLES. The song has a light choir in it along with a light 808. After the short intro is over, an incredible sounding saxophone is added as well as some drums. The song starts to speed up as the drums get more rapid and Kwame does an incredible job rapping over the beat. It all starts to slow down at the halfway point where finally MiLES gets on the song delivering some very echoey vocals and finishes off the song. So far Aviad has gone 4-0 for his songs, and I feel like that trend will keep up. 

“Promises” is a slower song featuring My Favorite Color. The beat features what feels like Aviad’s staple choir which he has mastered, as well some drums and a background guitar. The vocals are My Favorite Color’s way of expressing a lot of things to both his mom and his girlfriend. A lot of it is to deal with topics like his girlfriend eating all his time from seeing his family and his mom upset at him for growing up too fast just because he felt like it. Although the message is somber, Aviad made it possible for it to not sound that way. Another job well done by both the producer and vocalist. 

“TREE OF LIFE” has features from Kwame Adu, JamalThaDon and Young Wabo. The song’s beat mainly consists of a flute and a drum pattern. Kwame Adu carries the first part of the song with the vocals, his voice coinciding well with Aviad’s sounds. After he’s done, the beat changes to an old sounding vocal sample in a big concert venue before getting cut off by JamalThaDon. I don’t know if it’s just my ears tricking me but these vocals sound like they weren’t mixed quite right but it doesn’t ruin the part entirely. Last but not least, Young Wabo’s part is introduced as a very electric 808 goes down a chord. This part feels like it captured some of MF Doom’s sound and it’s done in a way that it isn’t a clear copy which is done well. 

Aviad as a producer is immensely skilled in what he does. I hold lots of hope in what he can do and what he is going to do. He is already on the radar for many artists largely due to JID’s association. The same JID signed to J. Cole’s label with seven other talented artists. You probably see where I’m going with this, Aviad is absolutely going to be a popular name in the future. The album itself easily earns a ⅘, there is room for improvement absolutely, but for where it’s at now it is certainly something special.