Holiday helpers

Students ring bells for the Salvation Army


Cameron McCubbins, Staff Reporter

As December rolls around, the Salvation Army begins to stand outside Hy-Vee and other stores across America, ringing bells and hoping to get money for those who are homeless. You can often find many students after school outside of the hy-vee, singing Christmas carols and ringing bells. 

Many students see this as a great opportunity to get college credit for their applications and meet new people. Teachers and adults see it as a way for students to help the community out during december. 

It can be an exciting way to make new friends, give to charity and get involved in the community. Not to mention it is very easy to sign up, just going to the salvation army website and finding a time that works. 

“I think it’s a really good way for students to get into the community and for students to give back during the holiday season,” Eliza Donley said.  “To sign up, students reach out to the Salvation Army and find a time that works out for them.”

The students have been bell ringing in sessions outside Hy-Vee primarily, but the Salvation Army has been caroling in stores all around America since 1891, hoping to give the unfortunate a Christmas.

“It’s for Christmas, the Salvation Army is a Christian charity,” junior Bella Hawley said, “and they do it to give those in need a Christmas.”

This was a way for students to get involved in their community during the Christmas season.

Junior Sarah Cottrell enjoyed her time doing it.

“It’s fun to sing to people, it usually brightens their day,” junior Sarah Cottrell said, “and you get to serve other people.”

Overall, it’s great for everyone involved. The students get to help the community, and the adults get to feel good knowing students did good, and the Salvation Army gets to help the poor.