Her Loss, was a massive win

Famous artists 21 Savage, and Drake, release a collaboration album that left most fans happy


Photo courtesy Rap.

First collaboration album between the two at the top.

Michael Bartholomew, Staff Reporter

Following the biggest flop of the summer in “Honestly Nevermind,” Toronto rapper Drake, released his newest studio project “Her Loss,” a highly anticipated collaboration album with other popular Atlanta artist 21 Savage. With Drake’s previous two albums being polar opposites, fans had top-of-the-line expectations for what this would bring. 

Following the midnight drop on Nov. 4. the 16-song track held only one sole guest appearance in Travis Scott. We started off the album with “Rich Flex”, my personal favorite. The song consists of Drake and 21 Savage going back and forth rapping creating good rhymes along with a catchy beat. This was a great start for the album. 

“Major Distribution,” “On BS,” and “BackOutsideBoyz,” are the next three pieces to this track. While on most albums you would find a song in a four-line stretch that isn’t as good as the others, these three did not disappoint whatsoever. The way the beat drops is “Major Distribution” is an elite portrayal of what rap really is, and exactly why you should listen to the album. While “On BS” is heavily repetitive, it is extremely catchy, and more of a modern-day rap song. Finally, “BackOutsideBoyz”, another one of my personal favorites is another repetitive, although very catchy song on this track. I highly recommend these first four songs.

This album is our as fans first real look at what Drake and 21 can really do. Previous to the album the two have dropped songs like “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks” that were so popular the two figured they’d give an album a try.

The next couple of songs “Privlaged Rappers” and “Spin bout u” are a couple of the weaker songs on the album, while they’re definitely not bad, they don’t create the vigorous and immediate excitement the previous tracks demonstrate tremendously, although they send a tough message to listeners about real-life problems.

“Hours In Silence” is the first real view of 2009 Drake we have seen in so long, the track provides real lines, providing a Memphis rap vibe, and gives a great track to be listened to for years. If I had to pick one song that I think in a few years from now that will be a classic, this is the one.

“Treacherous Twins” and “Circo Loco” are two strong additions to this album, First Treacherous Twins gives us a slower, more catchy, and advanced rhyming type of song. While Circo Loco is the first very fast pace, extreme type of song. I loved them both and was happy they finally added in a quick-like song.

9 songs into the album I was so impressed with the production, and overall beat of the album, I was looking for weak points and there honestly weren’t many.

“Broke Boys” and “ ***** and Millions” were the next two songs, Broke Boys was extremely fast and again another of my favorites, the lines of the song and including many words that trickled in with the word broke were advanced for the song. The second track was the first feature track, we heard Travis Scott, one of the best rappers of our generation, come in on a beat switch and absolutely kill his verse. This song is so good It would probably earn a 10/10 rating.

“Middle of the Ocean” Is a perfect portrayal of old Drake giving us good lines, and crazy bars, even including a couple of Disses towards other celebrities. I loved this song.

The last four songs on the track were all generally slow, and similar, this was the stretch of the album that as a listener I wasn’t too big of a fan. The songs consisted of “Jumbotron $*** Poppin”, “More M’s”, 3 AM on Glenwood, and “I guess it Me” While these few songs had decent points, they were definitely the low point of the album. 

Overall, this album was a spectacular release for Drake and 21, the spectacular adlibs, beats, overall lyrics, and rhyming were so well used for an album of this type. The message portrayed and shown throughout was a good example of real-life things that go on.   With this being said, all things considered, I would rate this album a 9/10.