Did Halloween really end?

Third movie to one of the most popular sequels ever leaves fans disappointed


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Third Halloween movie to the new saga leaves fans filled with disappointment

Michael Bartholomew, Staff Reporter

It has been four years since Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) last encounter with the masked killer known as Michael Myers, but when a whole new character brought to the series sheds Michael back to light, Laurie does everything possible to end him for good.

Adding to the trilogy of the latest set of Halloween movies, “Halloween Ends” brought top-of-the-line expectations to fans of the series. Following 2018’s “Halloween” and 2021’s “Halloween KIlls,, many of the series’ greatest enthusiasts were ecstatic for a top-tier ending. 

Warning: Some spoilers ahead

Taking place on a frigid October night in 2019, we find Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) at a relatively new job to him in babysitting. For a beginner, let’s just say little Jeremy (Jaxon Goldenberg) wasn’t easy to handle,. Jeremy’s parents specifically scolded Corey  “NO scary movies”, yet when they were gone bossy Jeremy convinced Corey to watch. As they were watching, Jeremy began to tease Corey, calling him “scared” and “a coward”. Corey decided to listen to his parent’s instructions eventually, and turn the movie off.

As growingly obnoxious Jeremy complained. Corey squandered to the kitchen to grab a drink, yet when he returned, to his surprise, there was no Jeremy in sight. All of a sudden he became worried and imagined that Jeremy was playing some sort of trick on him. He was right. Jeremy was hiding on the top floor of a long spiral staircase that led to the upper floor, the attic. More importantly, Corey sprinted up, and jokingly Jeremy slammed the door and locked him in the attic. Corey, scared now, kicked the door down as hard as he could, knocking Jeremy off the tall upper floor of the house and falling to his death.

While I found Corey’s performance dull through most of the film, this was a bright spot giving hope for his character to start. I also felt his character was not even necessary to conclude a film that should have focused on the main antagonist instead of beginning a new storyline.

After the tragedy, the film skips 3 years in the future, and we find Corey, working in his dad’s engineering company.  After work, he headed over to the gas station, where he was bullied by a group of high school students, the marching band, in particular, calling him things like a “killer”, and a “horrible person”. There is where he met Laurie, and they together got revenge on the students by slashing a tire. This was just the start of a growing pain.

Suddenly, Corey meets Allyson (Andi Matichak) who just happens to be Laurie’s granddaughter, Laurie and Allyson have been living with each other since the last movie’s tragic storyline. When the movie begins to pick up with known, and well-liked characters being slowly brought in,  I thought we as viewers were in for an exciting final hour and a half although I was wrong.

Corey and Allyson’s relationship began to grow deeper, so on Halloween night, they attended a party together at a bar. When Corey went to get the two a drink, he discovered the mother of the child on the other side of his earlier accident who was furious at him still. Corey had been doing his very best to move on so this really hurt him and he walked out of the bar without saying a word. 

I think here the film provided solid insight into how Corey is still hurting, yet the film still felt bland. What was supposed to be the FINAL Michael Meyers movie had turned into a whole story about a whole new character.

 While walking home, Corey was approached by the same vehicle with the tire he slashed. As the car got closer Corey began to stop right on top of a bridge, the children hopped out and began to fight Corey and suddenly the leader of the group pushed him off the bridge. When everyone thought he had died they left and promised not to speak a word of it. 

At the bottom of the narrow bridge,  passed out, sat Corey, who was briefly gathered by the masked killer known as Michael Meyers. He then wakes up in his cave but Michael doesn’t kill him and he runs away originally scared. But when he further thinks about it he realizes that he didn’t want to kill him. So when he wanted revenge he brought someone back to the cave, and Michael killed them.

This pretty much shows what the industry wants to do is create a new Michael Meyers in what was supposed to be the final view.

Towards the end of the film, we found Michael and Corey teaming up to commit crimes. When Michael and Corey went back to finish off Laurie, Laurie got the final laugh murdering what we think is both of them although we never viewed a final scene of Corey leaving viewers wondering if he’ll is back. 

Bringing the town peace, they strung up Michaels’s dead body on the top of a car and brought him to a scrap yard where he was overall shredded into nothing to bring the town sympathy. 

While one thing everyone wanted was a final showing between the two, I think Corey stole a lot of the spotlight from Michael and overall made him look like a low-tier villain. Overall I think the movie was just okay.