Walking for a cause

Suicide prevention is something to think about


Ellie Sorenson

Teenagers from the Out of the Darkness walk are writing inspirational quotes on the sidewalk and talking.

Winni Neil, Staff Reporter

The Out of the Darkness Walk happened on Sept. 17, 2022. Although the topic isn’t talked about openly or enough, it is important to people. The walk began in 2004 and has been going since, hundreds of communities have held walks around the country and are continuing to support the walk.

Students have been through the same things as some of the people in the walks and believe that it’s important to support groups like these. When the walk started there weren’t many people in it but it has been shedding light on important issues and many more people have started doing it. Its become much more popular. 

“I think its really important to talk about hings like suicide prevention,” sophmore Laney Gillard said. “People have to go through alot alone and I think that by having a walk like the Out of the Darkness walk that people are feeling more open to talk about their problems.”

People are opening up to the idea of talking about their struggles and what they’ve gone through. Families and people close to those who have lost someone close to them also participate in the walk and talk about their experiences. 

“I think its amazing that their are walks and fundraisers for suicide prevention, I lost my son and i felt alone for awhile after,” Cassy Lawrence said. “These walks really help people feel like they have a home and people to talk to, and most of, if not all, the money goes to organizations that help others.”

Even people who haven’t lost anyone have been through the same feelings as those who were lost. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how healthy you are physically, there are still mental health struggles.

“I’ve been through some of the things that other people have been through,” sophomore Izzy Lynn said. “Mental health is really important and isn’t talked about nearly enough and I think the walk helped bring out the subject so people feel less alone in the world”

The walk is something that helped bring Izzy out of her shell to talk about the things she has been through. This walk benefits people and spreads awareness throughout the world.